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Film Dash Akol

Film Dash Akol is a romantic and family-oriented product of 1396 directed by Mohammade Arab.

film jadid Dash Akol , based on the book of 3 Ghatre Khoon , narrates Sadeq Hedayat’s love affair, which the Lutjans and their holocaust narrate the song of love of the coral after many years. A film by Mansour Ebrahimi with a new look at Iran’s nostalgic cinema


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The people of Shiraz consider the championship and masculinity and honesty of Dash Akol film . A Hajji Shirazi, who once had been with her and knew the virtues of  Dash Akol , preached that he would deal with his life and property. Dach akol finds his daughter in her encounter with Haji’s family, and she hates her, while she’s a little young girl. The girl’s love brings akol to wine.

Dash Akol knows her marriage to a girl because of her very old age, far from masculinity, and arranges her marriage with one of her associates.
The girl’s girlfriend’s night of night, when the dash Akol is coming back from the tavern, faces his cockerel and encounters them at night, when Kaka, in the event of a failure, puts his leg from the back in the body of the duck, and the duck is at the same time the throat Kaka is so tricky as to smother and then he dies

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