danlod film ma hame ba ham hastim فیلم ما همه با هم هستیم

danlod film ma hame ba ham hastim فیلم ما همه با هم هستیم

ma hame ba ham hastim ; We Are All Together

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film ma hame ba ham hastim

Ma hame ba ham hastim was named after the names but for some reason we were not all together and then Ma hame ba ham hastim and filmed it from April to June 2012.

Mehran Modiri , after the film , always married a woman in And Layla Hatami collaborates with Shah’s Comedy for the second time in Comedy. film Ma hame ba ham hastim is the second comic film (after the pig) that Leila Hatami has accepted.

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movie ma hame ba ham hastim

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Ma hame ba ham hastim is also the first joint co-operation between Mohammad Reza Golzar, Leila Hatami, Mehran Ghafourian, Pejman Jamshidi and Georgian Cyrus. as a result Lewen Sevenwon was an actor who was originally scheduled to play in the film, and was also screened for Grim’s play, but on March 19, 2013 Heftwan died and his presence in the movie

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Actors movie ma hame baham hastim :

Actor Role
Mehran Modiri The interrogator
Mohammad Reza Golzar Head of Airline
Leila Hatami Ms. Mojdehi, head of the airline
Mani Haghighi The pilot
Hanieh Tavassoli nazanin
Javad Ezzati Co-pilot
Soroush Sehhat Director
Behnoosh Bakhtiari

film irani jadid ma hame ba ham hastim

We Are All Together” directed by Kamal Tabrizi and producer Reza Mirkarimi has 37 actors, maybe most of whom have been selected and heard for the remaining role of the makers in talks with several prominent actors. The interesting thing about this film is its re-naming after the license was issued, while the movie Kamal Tabrizi, “We Are Not All”, was licensed to build. The makers decided to change the name of the movie “We Are All We Are”.

ma hame ba ham hastim full movie

The fact is that there can be no such thing as film criticism that we are all together. Because something made by Kamal Tabrizi and produced by Reza Mirkimi is not even close to the film. If you have a camcorder and have a cast of prominent Iranian cinemas in front of you, does that necessarily mean a movie?

ma hame ba ham hastim film

ma hame ba ham hastim online If you press the capture button on the camera and film the cruel words of people who don’t know who they are and what they do, is it a movie? Of course not. The word ‘film’ cannot be used to refer to ‘we are all together’. One can point to something or a phenomenon called “we are all together” and criticize it as a major damage to Iranian cinema.

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Download ma hame ba ham hastim movie

When Kamal Tabrizi picks up a popular campaign slogan that everyone knows and chooses his film name, everyone expects his comedy to at least have a say in the story. Has crossed the red line. After all, he was the director of first-rate comedy films like Lizard and Lily with Me. But the denial that “we are all together” is a complete disaster.

danlode filme ma hame ba ham hastim

The whole time you’ve been sitting in the cinema and watching a lot of famous actors on screen, the question always pops into your head: Well, what? What do they mean? Does the movie name “We are all together” at all mean anything other than German commerce that they feel drives people to the cinema? And well, they haven’t made a mistake in their business. The drawback is that cinema was supposed to be art first, not business. The bestselling movie has no problem provided it is a movie first!

 ma hame ba ham hastim online movie

“We Are All Together” has no story to tell, but it had the idea of ​​a line that could be attractive. The owner of an airline decides to crash a plane to save his company from bankruptcy so that he can get insurance money. He is looking for a passenger for this aircraft and is looking for those who have come into their lives and come on board with their own accord. In the middle, but one or two people get on the plane by mistake.

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we all are together movie | فیلم ما همه با هم هستیم

Think of what a fascinating movie we could have if we were to follow the story of these characters’ lives. The story of the lives of people who have come down the line for whatever reason. But our director seems to be more conservative than he would like to have such a story.

ma hame ba ham hastim youtube It goes to joke, and since its screenwriters weren’t good jokes, it turns out that what they don’t laugh at doesn’t have a story and their characters have no spirit and meaning. A handful of people move in front of the camera and say things that the audience is annoyed with.

movie ma hame ba ham hastim

Of the three screenwriters, we saw Pouramiri and Domari last year at the Fajr Film Festival with a bloated, down-to-life film. If you’ve seen that movie, you’ll find that they are the last to choose a comedy script!

دانلود فیلم ما همه با هم هستیم

ma hame ba ham hastim full movie free doesn’t even have a funny moment. The crowd comes to the cinema but you don’t hear the sound of their laughter. The same laughs that are heard even in comedies like Texas or Confiscation. Comedies that are not very high-level, but by any means forced, make their audience laugh.

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