danlod serial hayola دانلود هیولا

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danlode seryal hayola

Hayola is a drama series directed by Mehran Modiri and Producing Mostafa Ahmadi and Mehran Modiri. Filming of this collection began on December 17. The release of this series is scheduled to be held on a weekly basis through the movie centers throughout Iran.

Danlode Hayoola

Mehran Modiri has already produced some kind of serials like Ghahve Talhk , Vilaye man and Atse and Shookhi kardam.

Hayoola is 6th co-starring of Mehran Modiri and Peyman Ghasemkhani after such series as Pavarchin , Noghtechin , Shabhaye Barare , Baghe Mozaffar, Marde Hezar chehreh .

Danlode Hayoola دانلود سریال هیولا

Hayola story is about friendship, love and betrayal between the three families of Babak, Massoud and Soheil, who are partners and old friends. Babak is the editor of the magazine “Superfight” and Soheil and Masoud are his colleagues in the magazine, each of whom has problems in their common life.
and to escape from their daily lives and work and a few days away from their husbands, they decide, without the family’s knowledge, to travel alone and their so-called self Go monsters During the monster serials
the audience faces romantic scenes and looks like twin characters, will see their humorous humor and humor, and in the emotional moments of sadness and moments of doubt and decision with them A fun journey will be experienced.
hoshmand kamravaNima Shabannejad
kamran kamravaMehran Modiri
hamed sherafatMohammad Javad Jaafarpour
mahyar mehr afzoonMohammad Bahrani
mehriGohar Kheirandish
Hooshang sherafatFarhad Aslani
Flore janShila Khodadad
shohrehShabnam Moghaddami

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  1. چرا قسمت های جدید ریکاوری و هیولا و…. رو نمیذارین یا دیر میذارین. لطفا زودتر. ممنون


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