Danlod serial hayola part 1

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Danlod serial hayola part 1

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Danlod serial hayola part 1

In the first part of the Hayola , there isn’t any unexpected event; the first part not only matches all our expectations, which is even better than our predictions for the first part.
In the first part, with a narration from the Qajar era of Ahmad Shah, the family of Sherafat are introduced, and in history, we see a family that maintains its dignity at the expense of losing all their assets.


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 خرید قسمت اول هیولا


danlode seryale hayoola

The Hayola serial with a rhythmic , brings up events, and only stifles one event on every incident that engages the viewer in his fiction, concise and concise, tells the history of the house of honor to pay the present, But quickly moving on to the main character, Hooshang plays with Farhad Aslani’s to wasting his original story without any waste.

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