Danlod serial hayola part 10

Danlod hayola part 10

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Danlod serial hayola part 10

In the 10 new episodes of Mehran’s Hayola part 10 Serial, Yaghni Mod. 10-9 , finally, Mr. Sherafat will undergo major changes, and he will show his devilish face. In the fifth and sixth episodes of the Hayola part 9 , there is a dramatic decline in the storyline, but at least in the seventh and eighth episodes of the hayola ghesmat 10 series, the rhythm gets better, and the personality changes of Houshang Sharaft (from a decent man to a work Antagonist character). One of the serial issues is heavily influenced by the same gameplay without any changes to the cast. It is quite clear that the effect of the boundaries and the intended meanings of the director, namely, Mehran Modri ​​on the cast, felt as if They can not play themselves comfortably and play what they want to play, which is why the game seems to have been a bit duplicated.

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On the other hand, the serial plans to show the social problems and the branch to jump to the audience to give moral and social lessons and lessons that unfortunately, because of the poor and insufficient payment of these sequences in this case is not successful at all! The cache of the story and the slow process in sections 9 and 10 are another bug in the Hayola serial script that we hope will improve in the upcoming sections.
Movie Strengths

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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Shabnam Moghaddami is an Iranian actress and radio na She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Persian literature from Azad University in 1997 and from Amin Tarokh Acting School in 2000.

Suitable social satire and direct and indirect references to the economic and social issues of the country’s society
The personality changes of honor and its appearance on other positive personality

Video Weaknesses:

It’s also true that the serial number is not enough, and the social series is much heavier, and there are a bit of funny moments in the series.
The film’s cast is not as strong as it was directed by the director
The film’s film is not so strong that it can have a positive effect on the serial viewer using bitter sequences of social dilemmas.

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In total, the four new episodes are not much different from the first four episodes, and they work in many parts in the same way, and at the end of the series, the Hayoula part 10 are not unprofessional, and with other waves. The quality of the home screen is better. Home screenwriting fans are recommended.

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