Danlod serial hayola part 12

Danlod hayola part 12

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hayola part 12hayoola part 12 starts by Shohre and Hooshang mother can not continue the silent light policy at all. They eventually lose their resistance to the wounds of the enamel languages.

Mina, who came to their house in order to listen to and understand the financial situation of their family and tenants, the noble family, with a refrigerator filled with 80-inch food and television, and tanned skin, and the mother of Hooshang and the outer bag He is facing a brand. The scum of tongues and throwing the enamel causes her husband and mother to stop covering the floor and proudly tell Mina about their financial situation.

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Dignity The next step is to change their house and go from their old neighborhood and start looking for a home for this purpose. But with the advance money and rent they are considering for this, there is no place for them from Andrzej until the mission, and possibly even below it.

This makes it worthwhile to take money from Khaf and Mr. Kamrova. Kamura, who easily agrees and pledges to pay him 200 million tomans. These funds are not only numerical for the sake of humor, but also help them to make the case that they make for Hushang.

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Danlod serial hayola part 12

Everything continues to go down without Hooshang realizing. The sit-in of the fundraising of the Cultural Fund, which was heading for the uprising, was restored with the plan of the board, and with the oppressor of Mr. Noor’s eyes, it was time for them to buy, and the lost property would come to their homes and return. Smart Comrade starts her training course on the board, and members continue to work on their own business.

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hayoula 12

Light: I am honored to announce that in order to protect the importers and exporters and with the consultations we have received a license to ban the manufacture of correctional lacquer and detergent in the country.

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Saidi: Well, the light of life, our noble people, where do you remove ink?

Have you seen the light: are we dead ?! Now the essence of the cleaner is considered to be a basic commodity, and we use the Correcting Lacquer Corrector and Ink Cleaner, or the “Curl”, with a government currency, correction lacquer and ink cleaner. (Encouraging board members)

hayoula 12

Hayoola part 12 is more diverse and more entertaining than before, as it still does not bite its bites. The character of the honorary family is completely formed, and the new ones are well under way to showcase and change the class and enjoy the new possibilities.

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Hayoual eprisode 12 has reached its eleventh point and is well suited for its audience to communicate with its audience.

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