Danlod serial hayola part 13

Danlod hayola part 13

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Danlod serial hayola part 13

hayola part 13 , if we want to know the story of Mono, the collection is about a chemistry teacher named Houshang Sherafat,  played by Farhad Aslani , which has inheritance from his own family and that honor. In fact, hayoola he lost his dignity, far from the events of society, and this name was always with them. But when this inheritance has reached Human, the problems are diminished,Hayoula part 13 it is supposed to abandon its dignity and enter into illegal proceeds.

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As most critics and critics have said, the question first comes to the audience who ignores the managerial point of the story. In some ways, he said he did the same, and in other ways he did not. But what if it’s done is different. The point that matters is the serial ahead and the better.

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Let’s start from this section and start checking out this collection. When the miniature production news was released, the mind of many audiences went to expensive editorials such as “Nights of the Berry” or “hayoola part 13“. Other people also thought that his not-so-successful works such as “At 5 o’clock in the afternoon” or “bitter coffee” thought that works that are far from the expectations of Mehran Modri. But finally, the news of the presence of Payam Qasem Khani as the editor-in-chief of the writers was able to be somewhat more satisfying and attracting more attention to the series.

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Eventually the series has been released and is expected to turn the community into a kind of satire. We have already seen that the managers do well in the course of the courses and express the bitter issues and events of society in the hayola part 13 of laughter. But it seems the director of this time in Mina failed to perform this role well.

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The slowness of the series, the old ones that are often loaded, the boring space, and the excessive pulling of the sequences are an important reason for people to say that Monash is not worth seeing.

I think this is quite correct, and the serial space seems somewhat boring, but let’s get a little more into the subject, nowadays the number of people who prefer the series and foreign films as domestic goods has increased, maybe We are also part of this group of people.

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It can be said that overseas cinema is heavily internalized by more domestic topics than the serious progress made towards domestic cinema and the discretion that it creates for the viewer. Well, suppose I’ll be watching our mini as someone who has seen a lot of foreign serials. What happens? At the very first moments, I conclude that the series does not match my taste and may not go to the right. Therefore, I make critiques and say explicitly that the mini-series is not worth seeing, because I’m going to compare mines with the world’s largest titles.

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I hope you accept that this is totally wrong. Because the series and the Iranian films target a particular target of the society and they create their own personal taste.

On the other hand, producers of Iranian musicians are packed in many jokes and can easily produce scenes that are consistent with the desire of the community. But in the monster we see that the manager has done so much. The jokes that have done with the cultural budget and the 3 billionth difference have less to do with Chinese dance.

But considering all of these features, one can see the low rhythm of the comedy and the long serial series that was very unhappy.

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In general, if we want to have a look at the monsoon series, it’s best to recognize it as a drama that uses the flavor used, rather than a complete set of satients.

Mehran Modriy had said clearly several years ago that he was working on making serious story sets, but the unique look of his comedies was essential to consider the main purpose of humor.

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