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Danlod hayola part 14

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Danlod serial hayola part 14
hayoula 14

In hayola part 14 section we saw that the noble desires of Mr. Shaft and his family are erupting every day. Hushang, when he hears the news of the loan from Camrua, opens up the door for years of complaining about Chamorea, telling him about evacuating his house and moving somewhere else.

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Next we come to the honorable family's dinner sequence, which is quite clear that they call themselves “the affluent” of society, no longer the “middle class”, almost simple community, and now speak proudly of this class and financial divide; Because both Shohreh and Hooshang are talking about some of the people in the phrase “we are no longer them” that I don't think are so important in their eyes today.

On the other hand, the mother is planning to get married, and I think Shahmad is the same old man I saw at the party in Cameroon's house, and how much better it was to see Mehri's mother ask for a wedding sooner rather than later in the series. we were.

But in the north of the country, the agents go to the forestry company and find nothing but a secretary and a secretary. they do.

The monster does not waste time to advance its narrative. The journey of Houshang Honor and his family has been well illustrated in the twelve episodes, and Houshang, a simple teacher who has struggled to secure one hundred fifty thousand tomans and the purchase of his mother's medicines, now excludes any foreign goods in the supermarket. Knowing its name and property buys it.

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Everything continues to go down without Hooshang realizing. The sit-in of the fundraising of the Cultural Fund, which was heading for the uprising, was restored with the plan of the board, and with the oppressor of Mr. Noor's eyes, it was time for them to buy, and the lost property would come to their homes and return. Smart Comrade starts her training course on the board, and members continue to work on their own business.

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The sudden change in Houshang's financial situation does not appeal to Chamchara at all, and he decides to hushang anyway. But Houshang's pursuit brings Chamchara to the bank where Houshang and Kamrova are located, and the bank staff's acceptance of Houshang and their respect for him further depresses Chamchara

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Hayoola part 14 The other two issues were very bold in this episode, the first being the mega-information about the amount of Houshang's bank account and his wife's ridiculous moans, and the other the issue of the betrayal of Cameroonian betrayals (Mehran Modi). In the first story of Mahir Mahrabzon, the bank employee tells him the amount of Hooshang's account balance, and when he tells it to his wife, Ms. Chamchara goes back dozens of times to say that it was neither funny nor the least interesting thing in itself.

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Hayoual eprisode 14 It was the only jealousy between the two families that we have seen in at least five or seven episodes better in some ways! Contrary to my expectations and expectations, Camrua's story ended in a woman's ransom and his wife's ransom, and did not go beyond repeating what we have seen in similar satirical works.

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