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Danlod hayola part 17

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serial hayola part 17
hayoula 17

Hayola part 17 (last episode of hayoula serial ) has no recollections and now defines the Cameroonian family without any hesitation. Why do I get rid of it ? Because Houshang Sharafat was honorable in appearance and speech, and in practice we did not see this character resisting bribes, the hardships of life, and the misconduct of his family.

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تماشای آنلاین هیولا قسمت 17

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Episode 17 of Hayoula series begins with Hamed and Smart Dialogue that if we factor in the Los Dialogues about intelligent Agaazadeh, when Houshang is added to the dialogue, we see very well the Hayoola last part serial teacher has no resemblance to the noble man who at the beginning of the story.

in Hayola 17 The biggest surprise in this episode is about Mehri's mother-in-law. Personally, I didn't think Mr. Davood would be Mehri's smuggler, but this surprise does not mean that the serial writing team is smart because sometimes the story may be so ridiculous that the audience will never think such a bizarre event in the series. Give it up!

hayola part 17

hayoula episode 17

At the beginning of the series, the good-natured gem played the part of a traditional, family-minded mother who grew up with a bit of fun and boredom to come up with an almost new character who became more involved with fashion and a younger life 

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As a result of Hayoola last episode , none of them have the capacity to become part of their society, despite the serial claim to be social and to portray the status of the different strata of our present day Iran.


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personality are in line with David's, or do his family's grandmothers like him? I don't see anything. That's why I'm talking about the over-the-top stuff of Hayola part 17 Serial characters, people who are not at all alive and dynamic, and ultimately are a series of puppets who spit out written dialogues (what a dialogue!)!

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A director, unlike in previous years, who always used Siamak Ansari as his lead role in his films and serials, this time he decided to use Farhad Aslani as the lead actor.
This decision was unexpected because, with few exceptions, we saw Farhad Aslani in comedy roles, which added to the curiosity about the series. The Hayoula episode 17 is about a family called Honor.

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Hayoula last episode Honorable families have been known for righteousness for more than a century, and for this reason have been relinquished of wealth. The new generation of the noble family (Farhad Aslani) is now a high school teacher and has encountered events that make his dignity questionable and gradually disregarded by ethics.

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