Danlod serial hayola part 18

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Danlod hayola part 18

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hayoula 18
hayoula 18

Episode 18 of Hayoula (last episode of hayoula) Begins with Hamed and Smart Dialogue that if we factor in the Los Dialogues about intelligent Agaazadeh, when Houshang is added to the dialogue, we will see, well, the Hayoula serial teacher no resemblance to the noble man who at the beginning of the story She has no recollections and now defines the Cameroonian family without any hesitation.

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تماشای آنلاین هیولا قسمت 18

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Why do I get rid of it? Because Houshang Sharafat was honorable in appearance and speech, and in practice we did not see this character resisting bribes, the hardships of life, and the misconduct of his family.
The biggest surprise in Hayoula 18 is about Mehri's mother-in-law. Personally, I didn't think Mr. Davood would be Mehri's smuggler, but that surprise doesn't mean the serial writing team is smart.

serial hayola part 18
hayoula 18

watch online serial hayola part 18

Hayoola last episode the board of trustees, has already found its new victim, and now, by depositing all the proceeds of the Forestry Fellowship into Hushang Sharaf's account, they intend to completely immerse him in the dirty work they have done, and in the end this We also see that there is little left to destroy Hooshang. As for Mehrzone, I think in Chapter 13 he finds out about Mr. Bill's noble multi-billion dollar account, but I don't think anything about his origin will be captured.

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Contrary to my expectations and expectations, Camrua's story ended in a woman's ransom and his wife's ransom, and did not go beyond repeating what we have seen in similar satirical works.Because, as you'll see in the next section, the dreaded alliance of women on the board of directors will be formed against their husbands, which I hope will not end with a duplicitous feminine period, and that event and alliance will have some fun sequences.

Danlod serial hayola part 18

hayoula episode 18

Next we have a clever extortion from his father that shows that we give from every hand, back from the same hand. Cameraw herself taught her son this lifestyle and now she's smart to apply what she has learned. The manager's son, what shouldn't be told to his mother that I think this will create a short and interesting story line in the next or at least the thirteenth episode

danlode hayola part 18

The other two issues were very bold in this episode, the first being the mega-information about the amount of Houshang's bank account and his wife's ridiculous moans, and the other the issue of the betrayal of Cameroonian betrayals (Mehran Modi).
In the first story of Mahir Mahrabzon, the bank employee tells him the amount of Hooshang's account balance, and when he tells it to his wife, Ms.

hayoula episode 18

Chamchara goes back dozens of times to say that it was neither funny nor the least interesting thing in itself. It was the only jealousy between the two families that we have seen in at least five or seven episodes better in some ways!

hayula part 18

Because at times the story may be so ridiculous that the audience will never think such a bizarre thing will happen in the series! At the beginning of the series, the good-natured gem played the part of a traditional, family-minded mother who grew up with a bit of fun and boredom to come up with an almost new character who became more involved with fashion and a younger life.

danlod hayola ghesmate 18

Judge for yourself, which aspects of Mehri's personality are in line with David's, or do his family's grandmothers like him? I don't see anything. That's why I'm talking about the over-the-top stuff of Hayoula Serial characters, people who are not at all alive and dynamic, and ultimately are a series of puppets who spit out written dialogues (what a dialogue!)!

hayoula 18

As a result, none of them have the capacity to become part of their society, despite the serial claim to be social and to portray the status of the different strata of our present day Iran.

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Next we come to the honorable family dinner sequence, which is quite clear that they call themselves “the affluent” of society, no longer the “middle class” and almost simple community, and now speak proudly of this class and financial divide.

hayoula part 18

Because both Shohreh and Hooshang are talking about some of the people in the phrase “we are no longer them” that I don't think are so important in their eyes today! On the other hand, the mother is planning to get married, and I think Shahmad is the same old man I saw at the party in Cameroon's house and how much better it was to see Mehri's mother ask for a wedding sooner rather than later in the series. we were.

hayola ghesmat 18

Two other things happened here that are not to be missed. The first is the slack board, which once again depicts current corruption in some departments, and the second is the tireless efforts of Mehrafzone's tireless efforts to delve into Farhad Aslani life and understand the cause of his one-time financial gain.

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