Danlod serial hayola part 2

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Danlod serial hayola part 2

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Danlod serial hayola part 2
Maybe it's too early to celebrate the success of the latest Mehran Modiry series on the home screen, the “hayola“, but it's definitely optimistic that the “hayola” is on the right track. The “hayola”, so far and here in its first two episodes, has a good rhythm and has traced the narrative with a proper rhythm. He has introduced the main characters, but he has not forgotten the centrality of narration, and the story goes on with proper elaboration so that the viewer, in addition to familiarizing himself with the main characters, finds out the main story of the story.


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Danlod seriale hayola ghesmat 2

As a result, unlike the works of the home screen network, the “hayola” is not boring and unintentional, although it will surely be the tipping point and the main incident in some parts of the future, but these little things help to characterize, both the viewer and the narrator Accompanying. Upon the high reception of the first part of this collection, the second part continues with the introduction of other key characters, while at the same time, the main source of narrative is clearly presented to the viewer.

Danlod hayola ghesmat 2

Houshang, the honest man and honesty who, with all his good deeds and efforts in life, has turned him into a lawyer's teacher with legal rights, has difficulty in providing his mother's medication, and for the first time, against his daughter who rebukes and draws and It is questioning the moral customs of the family, helpless and helpless.

Houshang is in the moral bosom that reflects the social conflict of a crisis-stricken society between choosing a good and bad way. The voice of Hushang's conscience is evident, but what Hooshang faces as a middle class faces is much more complicated than the many years of advice of the Dignity Family, and this slogan of honor is preceded by anything that does not hurt him.

The same moral conflict Inside Houshang shows that the “hayola” is not merely a comedy, it is based on the desire of the community that the “hayola” tells him. A society whose economic fluctuations, robbery, embezzlement, and immorality are its ruling morals, and a person like Houshang, with all his honesty, seems to have no place in it. That is why the “hayola”, with its honest but oppressive hero, can make the most of the viewer. Meanwhile, the role of the daughter of the family, the smallest member of the family of honor, is a symbol of the generation that questiones previous beliefs and a protest sound that does not deceive with beautiful and deceptive slogans.

Haleh, the daughter of Hooshang, does not bow down to the clean and admirable date of her family, shouting bicycles and other needs, and, like other members of her family, including her mother and grandmother, suffer from injustices and injustices that they have earned for their integrity. Said pleasure. On the other hand, the “hayola”, with all its social criticisms, is a comic effect, and the arrival of Mehran Modri ​​to narrate and bring the same tune-telling, between the social dimension and storytelling of the narrative, whose main pillar is Houshang's character, played by Farhad Aslani And then, the balance of the comedy and the comedy that seems to be the burden of self-management Creates green.

Alongside Mehran's well-behaved manager, which is in his usual style, the good game of Farhad Aslani should not be ignored, which reflects the multi-dimensional character of Houshang and his inner conflicts and conflicts in the best way. Nevertheless, there are still other characters. They have not entered the narrative, and we have to wait for a major struggle in the narrative that throws the story of the “hayola” and the hayolas that the group speaks of is awaiting entry into the story. A hayola that could be a new character in the story, or Hushang's frustration and frustration.

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