Danlod serial hayola part 3

Danlod serial hayola part 3

Download Part three Hayola Serial

Danlod serial hayola part 3

Danlode Hayola ghesmate 3

The Hayola Part 3 , the stormy and hurricane, depicts the story of Hooshang’s moral fate. Hooshang , on the eve of a total moral fall, rejected the false checkpoints, although he repaired his moral weakness and once again went on his own family dignity.

Hayola breaking the honor, on the pretext of family expediency, was like an unforgivable guilty now that Hooshang and his family are being abandoned, just like eating apple-forbidden.


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 خرید قسمت سوم هیولا


Hushang, now easier to put up with his conscience and ethics, the conditions of his life, which has not only not recovered, which has become worse, therefore, it is compelled, slowly and notoriously, not only to honor his pride, but to begin with in front of The proposal for Ten Million Tuman Kamura rewards is angry, but when it comes to placing ten million tomans to save him from being displaced, he has to accept the offer, but this is not his peak.

Hooshang is in an attractive chamber, with tears , I’m short of intelligent (Nima Sha’ban Nejad) to the questions of the Ummah Give him a bonus and get a reward. Hooshang’s tears are due to the pride and dignity that goes underneath the smart cursor and as if even this is not enough, eventually it will have to do something that has never been done and make smart with a little score tested, Accept The “hayola” cleverly places Hooshang in front of Kamara

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