Danlod serial hayola part 4

Danlod serial hayola part 4

Download Part four Hayola Serial

Danlod serial hayola part 4

Danlod hayola part 4

“Hello, Hayola is on the way …”. This is part of Mehran Modiri post on his official new series. According to the director of the Hayola , it’s a fifteen part series in the social comedy genre that is being built for the home screen.

Danlod Ghesmat 4 hayola

The hayoola serial is set to launch in December, and its makers are trying to prepare the first part of the Hayola serial for Eid 98.


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backstage hayola ۴

 خرید قسمت چهارم هیولا


The builders and monster serial lists are the mainstream of cinema and television. Apparently Farhad Aslani is one of the main roles of this hayola part 4 Serial. Aslani, who has been a prominent actress in cinema and television, has been in for a number of years in comedy films.

In the end, the “Hayoola” is pointing out human identity and human nature, and it is natural that there is social feedback, which may not appeal to many people, especially those who are not alone, and who are so much on “domestic travel” that they can not attend meetings The work has been done, but the director with the “Hayola” has fulfilled his mission and surely the main audience that he has been aiming at from this collection and enjoying this joke is no harm.

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