Danlod serial hayola part 5

Danlod serial hayola part 5

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Danlod serial hayola part 5

Hayola part 5 serial starts with Hooshang goes to the board of directors as a representative of the colleagues. It is suggested here that it is in contradiction with its honorable spirit! Hooshang is on two hard ways.

However, the blatant critique of the “monsters” does not end with the contrast between the life of Houshang and Kamrawa, which differentiates between two types of living in a community.


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خرید قسمت پنجم هیولا


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The outstanding Hayola sequence of the “Hayoola part 5“, in the fifth part, is where Hooshang goes as depositary representative to the board of directors of the financial and credit institution and sees Kamran there.

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 In this sequence, the director of the former embezzler speaks and the manager, with all his satisfaction, makes an attractive joke with this character and his obsessive attention to the rightful depositors, which is painfully familiar.

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On the other hand, when kamrava introduces the members of the board, you can not laugh. “Nourished,” the grandson of Mr. noordideh ​​Big, who, contrary to hooshang’s conjecture, is not a trainee, but is the CEO.

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