danlod serial hayola part 7

danlod Hayola Part 7

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danlod serial hayola part 7

Hayola Part 7 serial is still powerful, and in each episode 7, in addition to narratives, it further extends its compilation. Now that the characters are arranged for the viewer, and the story is completely on the rhythm, the director challenges them using the capacity of characters in hayola part 6 the script and the capabilities of the actors, challenging the ingenious comic of the narrative, along with a character-centered or based comedy It enhances the position and gives the right tone to make the viewer uncomfortable with socialist criticism and the overall rhythm of the narration is pleasing to him. The type of hayoula 7 comedy shows the manager’s attempt to communicate with the public.


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Amir Brothers, who is the author of the hayola part 7 , has a history of writing script titles such as “Hezarpa”, and the hayoola part 7 comedy, just like “Hazara”, wherever it comes to the field of sexual jokes or red lines, is more than ” “We have seen ourselves hugging ourselves in wrappers that invites them to take a little bit of these jokes instead of giving a ghostly dance and a trombone, like the little jokes we see in the sixth part.

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However, in this section, the hayola 7 removes Kamura’s character from the work environment that we have seen so far, and by entering into his personal and family life as a party, this time the corrupt and frustrating family-friendly relationship The wind criticizes.
The presence of Hooshang and his family at this party reveals his cultural controversy with this class, and places Hooshang in the middle of a campaign that gives him and his family full of unfulfilled dreams and dreams. During the same party, the Hayola Part 7 continues its path to criticizing the economic mechanisms and, with a shout of familiar names, makes clear what people are saying. It tells the criminals behind the jails of the criminals and shows the bargaining power of the powerful to get the position of their aggressors without any censorship and correction.

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Meanwhile, Hooshang, if it still varies from class to person with these people, as the conversation between his wife and other spouses of capitalists about hairdressing and hair dyeing, seems to be disappearing from person to person. Be
Meanwhile, the Hooshang family is not the same family as the past, although they are not in the midst of the moral crisis that Hushang has been involved with, but they are beginning to change, and their patience and determination are more desirable and jumping with them, which is more Have given.
In the end, the sixth part ends with an unsurpassed sequence, a sequence that all the words the hayoula 7 wants to make. While Hooshang is sitting next to Kamrova and his friends and are joyous and singing, and as if there is no gloom in the world, the image is cut to the creators who have gathered under the rain in order to perhaps at least part of their right to be restored or even just seen . The final sequence of the sixth Ghesmat 7, with all its bitter bitterness, is the most beautiful Hayola Part 7 sequence ever.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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