Danlod serial hayola part 8

Danlod hayola part 8

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Danlod serial hayola part 8

The Eighth episode of the Hayola Serial is more fun than what we saw last week, but as we said before, the Mehran Modris hayoula does not intend to improve. Continue with the critique of Hayola Series with Filmsoon .

hayola part 8 follows some of the previous episodes and focuses on depicting class differences, current moral corruption in society, and the status of the exam mafia. The opening sequence of the Hayola part 7 deals with the sale of hooshang honor, which, like previous sections, opposes MEHRAN modiri proposition, and sells his soul to Satan, with the difference that this time not for the provision of his mother’s medication or the basic needs of life, but for the hayoula 8 extraordinary Yourself and his family, to buy a villa overlooking the forest!

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From the above, do not conclude that hooshangs characterization arc is better in this section, not at all. Here, too, a former teacher, our story resists a little bit, his family demands him, and he accepts Mehran Modiri’s unspoken proposal with a series of repeated dialogues! in hayola ghesmat 8  Your time is no longer because the writing team of the story is not so creative that I do not get a bit of variation in the situations that hooshang is forced to sell his worth.

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Perhaps the story of a smart pot was one of the few parts of the last few episodes of the series, which made it possible for viewers to set minutes apart from the perpetual management! In the sequel, the Eighth part is very close to the story of the hayoula 8 last weekend, closed and semi-closed shots, in which there are several personages (especially women) sitting together and trying to convey the audience that, in some minutes, managed to Do it. As with similar sequences, the main focus of personal dialogue is on class differences and the differences in the views of rich and middle-income people in life. For example, when it comes to a foreign trip, Shila Khodadad talks that he can not understand the deity personality, and when he talks about his concerns and wishes, the wives of the members of the board listen to him with a special surprise.

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After the adventure training and hooshang cope with the exam mafia, we come to one of the most unrelated and unrelated series of the whole series to date. What’s the funny sequence of car sales by Mr. Mafraffzon, but what really did this section have to do with the story of this section? in hayola ghesmat 8  It seems to me that the only director of this unit was included in the Eighth section to continue to illustrate the two people’s attitudes and the color of their change and to slightly increase the duration of this episode!

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