Danlod serial hayola part 9

Danlod hayola part 9

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Danlod serial hayola part 9

In hayola part 9 serial a simple teacher yesterday, today is the CEO of a company that has been clear from the head to the point that it has no use other than money laundering and the supply of some of the illegal needs of several other companies that we saw in hayola part 8. The pleasure of sitting behind the desk and presiding, even if only to two employees, is so much that the eye of Mr. Sherafat is not the heart of a hat that runs on his head in hayoula 9 .

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Mr. Sherafat’s family, though they are glamorous and comfortable with strangers, show that their talent is unique in learning. Shohreh and Houshang’s mother are now the regular feet of the women’s board of directors and go to the hairdressing salon and massage as part of their routine programs in hayola ghesmat 9.


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In the meantime, the conscience of the family of honor, the daughter of Halea, is still biting, and they must ignore her in order to be able to continue their lives.
Shohreh: You know, Hushang, I was thinking that thanking God that this honor was finally answered. I’m awake. Do you know what? I am very glad that for all these years you were honest and we lived in misery and misery. OK? I did not doubt your abilities.

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Hushang’s mother: God bless you, Houshang. Whatever your ancestors lost your honor, you have one of them. You do not restore the honorable empire at all.

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in hayola ghesmat 9 The monster is enough in the ninth part. The story goes well, and its bitchy jokes work well and have an impressive impact. Mehran Modri, Shabnam Moghaddami and Gohar Kheirandish play their roles well and with sophistication, and Farhad Aslani’s performance is more and more visible in every part.

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