danlod serial recovery part 1

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danlode rikaveri ghesmat 1

danlod serial recovery part 1

seriyal recovery first part by Bahador Asadi and writer Mehrdad Niknam will be filmed for silent  and will soon be screened on the tv serial , Hooman barghi Rolled released a pictorial reconnaissance release featuring Poria Pourshahk, Majid Washani and himself. The release of the series was announced on the home screen and wrote: Recovery will soon be on the home screen. We have been preparing recovery serial to broadcast on the filmsoon site after the Hayoula and salhaye door az khane.

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danlod recovery

recovery serial part 1 is a story about friendship, love and betrayal between the three families of Babak, Massoud and Soheil, who are partners and old friends. Babak is the editor of the bestseller magazine and Soheil and Massoud, his colleagues in the magazine, each in their common life, they have problems and to escape from their daily lives and work and a few days away from their husbands decide.

serial rikaveri part one

without the family’s knowledge, to travel alone and so-called Get yourself a recovery. During the recapture of the series, the audience faces romantic scenes and makes friends with characters, sees their humorous humor and humor, and in the emotional moments of sadness and moments of doubt and decision with them A fun journey will be experienced.
Star Trek Recovery

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Majid Washaghani, Pouria Pourshahk, Hooman Electro Nourid, Ezzat Mehravaran, Maryam Masoumi, Sima Shirandaz, Shabnam Gholkhani, Shiva Taheri, Neda Ghasemi, Negar Abedi, Mahsa Kamayebi, Elham Shabani, Yashar Hashemzadeh and Abbas Jamshidifar are the serial recoveryists.

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