danlod serial recovery part 2 سریال ریکاوری قسمت دوم

serial recovery part 2

danlode rikaveri ghesmat 2

danlod serial recovery part 2

Recovery part 2 series is the latest series released on the home screening network that seeks out the success of “Rikaveri part 2“. “Recovery” was directed by Bahadur Asadi. Former TV producer, who has been on television for more than a decade, and during the last ten years we did not see his name on the stage and in the series until we returned to the scene with the restoration of the series. Take a look at the recently released “Recovery part 2” series between DOS.

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danlod recovery part 3

The story of a young man named Babak (played by Pouria Pourshahk) can live calmly with his skeptical wife (Shabnam Gholi Kani). He owns a magazine office that kicks off with many problems. Babak collaborates with two other friends in the magazine who have family relationships and are close friends. But pulling a leg of an old name into Babak’s life slipped and …

serial rikaveri part two

In recent months, the high volume of video serial production has not been finalized. Some of these series have been subject to cast complaints and many judicial cases have been opened to them. These interviews show that the serialization industry is not yet professional and professional in the home screening network.

serial recovery episode 2

there is a lot of inconvenient happening behind the scenes. But the difference between the lucrative recent Renaissance home improvement series with the “recovery” is that the new series does not have any professional elements in production to produce the minimum production of movies and serials.

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