danlod serial recovery part 5 سریال ریکاوری قسمت پنجم

danlod serial recovery part 5

danlode rikaveri ghesmat 5

danlod serial recovery part 5

You can get Recovery part 5 interesting and full of big and small series online, every week there is a part of this series available, users can get full Rikaveri part 5 HD, HD, LQ quality. The director of the Recovery Serial has previously screened The Misty Movie, which is a social melodrama and a product of Iran. Playing Recovery part 5 the roles of popular TV, movie and home theater actors can be guaranteed. Pouria Pur Red, this time using her long experience in cinema and television.
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What happened with Mohammad Hossein Latifi made him shine and now he can make good use of his power like a third day movie in this regard, and we will see a drama film on the national home theater network.

serial rikaveri part 5

serial rikaveri part 5 ,Actors in the film include: Shabnam Gholikhani Pouria Pour Red Majid Vashghani Rolling Electricity Maryam Masoumi Negar Abdi Mahsa Kamyabi Shiva Taheri Elham Shaabani, as well as Serial Recovery Song by Maysam Ebrahimi and Puzzle Band

serial rikaveri part five

in Ricovery ghesmate 5 Jalal decides to leave them alone at home when he is forced to accompany his children, but in a scene that is one of the screenwriting flaws, a truck crashes into his car completely by accident and Jalal cannot leave his children alone. . Of course, one reason for this scene is that Jalal used to drive a heavy car in the past and was killed by his car and this was the beginning of his separation from his family

serial recovery episode 5

He mentioned that the truck’s green appearance on the track was a coincidence of glory, and before that scene there had to be a rational reason for the truck to appear in the audience.Recovery is a very disappointing start even in comparison to the weakest home screening series in the last few months. One has to wait and see if, after a frustrating experience of serials such as “Forbidden,” would the “recovery”, which, even in the light of weakness, be placed at a lower position, could be successful in reaching the satisfaction of the audience? .

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danlod serial recovery part 3 سریال ریکاوری قسمت سوم

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One part that can be deduced from the glory of the family has changed its approach. It is the story of a police officer who takes bribes from Jalal and when Jalal goes to his superiors, the police ask Jalal not to say this for the sake of his family. Jalal does not tell her superiors but just before Jalal leaves her new wife alone.

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The first scene illustrates the importance of family for glory and the second scene of family insignificance for glory. The question is, why should there be a scene that contradicts that in a film that aims to show the importance of family?

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