Danlod serial recovery part 6 سریال ریکاوری قسمت ششم

Danlod serial recovery part 6 سریال ریکاوری قسمت ششم

danlode recovery episdoe 6

Danlod serial recovery part 6
recovery 6
Recovery part 6 I try to have a brief and quick overview of the serial adventures, in spite of the relatively lengthy “What Happened” episodes 6: The whole first two episodes of the series ended with the underwriting of husbands and women. This. Fortunately, in the third part, the sheet goes back and the cries of this men’s model come much sooner than we thought.
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While the second part is considered a seal for the first part and has no node or incident or even a fascinating dialogue, the third part with a very good and solid knot, kills the dead body. Follow Vijayattu in the Serial Recovery Review.

serial rikaveri part 6

serial rikaveri part 6 Of course, since the first two episodes are so decisive, it is a serious mistake in the writing of the series. The golden time of attracting audiences for a not-so-long series is definitely one of the first two episodes to be accompanied by a multiplier of curiosity and fascination with what we saw.

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In other words, after a boring, superficial, and unrelenting introduction, Recovery Series begins with Part 3; it is unlikely that it has lost some of its audience

serial rikaveri part six

in Ricovery ghesmate 6 In the second part, the series goes so far as to make the dialogues seem to be scripted, to the extent of a hand. It is clear that the author has worked in the moment, whatever comes to his mind, and wherever he has come to be, with the help of other serial agents, is assembled through music video making. In short, the filmmaking crews have gone to Kish for fun and some of the shots have been periodic.

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Babak worries about his ex-wife Negar for a visit with his ex-lover, but eventually, endless dialogues are exchanged at the meetings. It is so ridiculous that Babak tells him of his interest in Negar, while practically giving his wife a nervous breakdown that does not make her an enemy; to love her sadism. On the other hand, this normalization of friendship with former love is one of those bad ideas that no common sense or heart can confirm. Babak’s (apologizing to) woman’s motive is so weak that it does not bother her at all; it is unlikely even from a cultural magazine editor who has at least a strong instrumental reason.

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From the outset, we should be mindful of this unmistakable personality of Babak; on the one hand, he is a fearless and serious critic of money laundering and other governmental and nongovernmental disadvantages, and on the other hand, so superficial with childish ideas. Although they are professional adult adults, they behave crudely in social relationships and personal problems. The problem iد Recovery 6 that the author did not write this character consciously and on the basis of a shaky personality type and “child maturity”. This is due to the inability of characterization and this is evident from the sluggishness of dialogues. Other characters have less and more of these inconsistencies.

danlod rikaveri part 6

A very bad actress is also a high humorist. Recovery part 6 There are a dozen such actors in cinema and television today. In addition to all these bad things piled up, the worst frames belong to Part Two. The worst end is related to this part as well, without a bit of suspense and stretching. Personally, I watched the sequel because I needed to write about it.

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