Danlod serial recovery part 8 سریال ریکاوری قسمت هشتم

Danlod serial recovery part 8 سریال ریکاوری قسمت هشتم

danlode recovery episdoe 8 (last episode of season one)

Danlod serial recovery part 8
ریکاوری قسمت 8

Recovery part 8  is a story about friendship, love, and betrayal between the three Babak, Massoud and Soheil families who are longtime business partners and friends. Babak is the editor of the bestselling magazine, and Suhail and Massoud are collaborators in the magazine, each having problems in their shared lives, deciding to go back to their so-called solo travel without the family knowing they have escaped daily life and work and some days away from their wives. .

danlod serial recovery part 8 in continue.


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Danlod recovery all parts

Recovery »is a social comedy and sums it up: Some people must be loved indefinitely ….
The first season of this series will be distributed in eight 3-minute episodes.

recovery 8 | سریال ریکاوری قسمت 8

Recovery 8 Other key elements of this project include: Project Manager and Production Consultant: Mohammad Najafizadeh, Producer: Omid Aminogarshi, Designer: Iman Kheradmand, Production Manager: Banafsheh Asadi, Imaging Managers: Hossein Gholipasha, Seyed MILAD HOSSEINI, Planning Manager: Davood Bagheri, First Assistant Director: Reza Bakhtiari, Administrative and Financial Director: Samira Asadi, Sound Designer: Hadi Afshar, Sound and Sound Composition: Mahmoud Mousavi Nejad, Editing: Mina Safarian, Designing by: Mohsen Darsanj, Scene Designer: Hamid Rafi Nejad, Designer: , Composer: Reza Khosravi, Media Consultant: Amin Etemadi Mojad, Photographer: Mehdi Heydar Yegami, Procurement Manager: Ramin Behzadi, broadcasting from the art world.

serial recovery episode 8

In the past few months, the high volume of video series production has not been much fun. Some of these serials have faced the actors’ complaints, and many lawsuits have been opened. These interviews show that the serialization industry for the home theater network still lacks a professional mechanism and that many unpleasant things happen behind the scenes.

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danlod serial recovery part 4 سریال ریکاوری قسمت چهارم

recovery episode 8 It goes without saying that Recovery is at the forefront of the story and is about to be expanded, but not even the initial characterization in the story. Paper characters and anonymous storylines with nasty behavioral types do not seem to be undergoing a dramatic change. 

serial rikaveri part 8 | سریال ریکاوری قسمت ۸

Soheil’s character in the story is a duplicitous copy of Homen Sidney in “The Romance,” which, like all other serial actors, never becomes a character and remains on the surface. Even the magazine business has no real space and is similar to the Turkish series of satellite networks.

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The ridiculousness in the first and second parts of the recovery series is gradually diminishing, and we are seeing better situations and personalities in the next episodes. There are scenes in this series that have very good dialogues and really make us laugh when it comes to stuttering and we don’t wait for laughter.

serial rikaveri part eight | ریکاوری قسمت هشت

Recovery 8 laughs if they are thin, but not because of the silliness of the characters. Convenient answers and speeches cover a large part of this topic and have the most dialogues of this kind. The rest of the characters are far less.

danlod rikaveri part 8

But the difference between the recent highlights of the home theater network and Recovery is that the new series lacks any professional elements in production, so it does not have the least of the film and TV industry possible.izer serial ricovery 8.

tizer serial ricovery 8

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Danlod serial recovery part 6 سریال ریکاوری قسمت ششم


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