Danlode Salhaye door az khane part 9

danlod salhaye door az khane part 9

salhaye door az khane 9

Danlode Salhaye door az khane part 9

In salhaye door az khaneh part 9 is that Solat has the same blood type as Ms. Talebi, which causes them to be kept. But Solat, who has experienced love and love in her masterpiece, loves Ms. In This serial this time, but a person named Yazid al-Huri, a partner of Ms. Talibi, comes to Iran with her eagle and limousine, and she thinks she intends to marry Mrs. Has a cutie. With the help of Venus, a dagger writes a threatening letter to Yazid in Arabic, and suddenly Yazid suddenly opens the door seryale salhaye door az khaneh and wakes up with intelligence when he is laying the letter with a garment. He finally comes to mind after a while and goes with Mrs. Talibi and others to trade and they think that they are going to honeymoon. go to see nine part

danlode salhaye dor az khane 9 in continue .


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خرید قسمت نهم سال های دور از خانه


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But beyond that, Venus finds himself in competition with Massoud Gorganstani (played by Amir Nouri), who is financially far from him and is supposed to give him a blessing due to a better financial situation. Venus enters Ms. Talebi’s house for Massoud’s horns and shoulders to get Porsche Sha Sibeland to borrow them to take a wedding feast. But he does not know that they have taken it on a journey that they have been with Yazid.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Danlod serial Salhaye door az khaneh

Salhaye door az khaneh episode 9

Soult would inevitably have a limousine in Yazid, which in the back door of the Yazid Eagle is to Venus, although he himself comes along with him. With a thousand sorties, Venus finally manages to bring Farangis to Yazid Limo. During his wedding ceremony, Solat seeks his cousin for years and there are also quarrels that cause the bridegroom to be killed and consumed, which would ruin the limousine of Yazid and fill his eagle.

salhaye dor az khane part 9 Nader, who, along with Ms. Talibi and others, is looking for a dagger to take Yazid’s property from him. Limousine sees Yazid being used in a video music video, and the police are suddenly coming out here. Khanm Talebi along with DJ Zafar Ali to The house of the Aunt of the East comes and the Solit, who is trying to hide in the Tenor, suddenly burns, and finally goes to Talebi’s house with Zafar Ali.

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They agreed there with Ms. Talibi to hand over another eagle to Yazid’s Eagle …
Mohammad Hossein Ghasemi, who seems to have been preparing for her good but bitter films, Narges Ariar, especially “the night it was full”, needed fresh air to become a bumpy man in a comic series in the home screening network.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Danlode Salhaye door az khane part 5

The series, directed by Majid Salehi who is experienced and experienced in the field of comic serials, but we would like to see Ahmad Mehranfar and the person who appears to be the author in the view of his closest producer, without waiting to wait for this collection to continue. .

It is expected that the collection will become more attractive with the arrival of Hadi Kazemi, Azita Hajian, Alireza Estadi and Gita Ghasemi.

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