Danlode serial khab zadeh part 1 سریال خواب زده قسمت اول

Danlode serial khab zadeh part 1 سریال خواب زده قسمت اول

Danlode serial khab zade part 1

serial khab zadeh part 1
khabzade episode 1

Khabzade part 1 Serial by Sirus Moghaddam and produced by Elham Ghafouri and Written by Saeed Nematollah It is producing and preparing for home network display. It is rumored that Reyhaneh Parsa will show off her second acting experience again.

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خرید خواب زده قسمت اول


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The series is currently in the imaging stage and is being made in the horror genre The series will be made in three seasons for the home theater network and is currently in the casting and completion stages.

Khab zadeh part 1

Sleeping is a very different thing to the work of Cyrus Moghaddam, unlike the humorous capital

Khab zadeh part 1 | سریال خواب زده قسمت اول

And the family and social series Narges is made in the horror genre. Alireza Shojaei Nouri, Ladan Mostofi, Reyhaneh Parsa, Amir Ali Danaei, Parivash Nazari, Mehdi Soltan .Sam Derakhshani, Iraj Nozari, Sima Babaei and Farid Sajjad Hosseini and Najla Nazarian, Nazanin Falahi And Neda Aghiq, who is in front of the camera.

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Danlode serial khab zadeh part 2 سریال خواب زده قسمت دوم

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Sleeping TV series written by Saeed Nematollah and produced by Elham Ghafouri these day She is going through the imaging process and will soon be heading home. Cyrus Moghadam and Saeed Nematollah, a renowned TV writer, bring the experience of working together

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In the Salvation series, they had Wall, Medina, Michael and under eight And these were the most popular TV series. Now, these artistic couples are building a serial for home theater in a different experience.

Download serial khaba zade part 1 | خواب زده ۱

Sleepy is the first serial in the genre of horror, with most of its actors being cinematic actors, according to Fars. You should see Cyrus Moghaddam, who has succeeded in making a series of comedies, including the popular series “The Capital”

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Will this popularity and success continue with the making of this series on the Home Theater Network? Saeed Nematollah has also written a brother-in-law for Ramadan, which has attracted a large audience. Imaging of the first season of “Sleeping” by Sirus Moghaddam in a northern Iranian city.

seryal Khabzade part 1

Finished and starred in the final sequences of Amir Ali Danaei as an actor. Kourosh Soleimani is a new actor recently joined And after the experience of working with Cyrus Moghadam on Narges TV series, Nightmare Television And the villagers were named alongside this familiar director again.

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Danlode serial khab zadeh part 3 سریال خواب زده قسمت سوم

tizer serial irani khab zadeh ۱ | خواب زده قسمت یک



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