Danlode serial khab zadeh part 2 سریال خواب زده قسمت دوم

Danlode serial khab zadeh part 2 سریال خواب زده قسمت دوم

Danlode serial khab zade part 2

serial khab zadeh part 2
khabzade episode 2

Khabzade part 2 Serial The series “Khabzade part 2” directed by Cyrus Moghaddam and produced by Elham Ghafouri, set in the transcendent and thrilling genre, came to the home theater network today. Saeed Nematollah is the author of “Khabzadeh” and this is the first serial for the home theater network. “Sleepy” is available today on the Bahama platform and on the download platform Hello Cinema, with the physical version being broadcast by the art world.

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خرید خواب زده قسمت دوم


Khab zadeh2

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The abandoned and all-encompassing story meets a common dream, and this is the beginning of their love adventures and their coming into each other’s lives …

Khab zadeh2

The series, still different from the rest of the cast, is still present, this time in the form of a poor girl who dreams of having a dream life, and this dream comes to a close when she realizes the dream of a wealthy Turk speaks.

serial khab zadeh part 2

mankan part two

The dream in which Firouz’s mother (Ladan Mostofi) picks up her ear and announces that she will die in the next few hours if she does not get the slightest satisfaction. It’s a dream, of course, that all the people in the story see at the same time, and well.

danlod khab zadeh 2 free | خواب زده قسمت دوم

the serial-type fantasy comedy tune convinces us of this idea. But what effect does having a shared dream have on this story, except that Nozgol begins to realize his fear of death and begin to avenge him, in his own words?

Khab zadeh part 2

For example, what node Azar and Hooman have seen, what node is thrown or what node is opened? The idea seems to have been used more so that the nozzle could get into Firouz’s head and cling to it, otherwise, even after the head-to-head ending, which I will come to realize, we do not finally realize this shared dream, What use was it in terms of meaning or story.

Khab zadeh part 2 | سریال خواب زده قسمت دوم

The script process, of course, is still pale and weak even in light of the comedic and light-hearted tone of the film, with Hooman accidentally seeing Nozel and Firooze in the same restaurant where he and Azar were working. It is acceptable in the tone of the film, but when Azar returns he tells Firooz he will get the nozzle’s consent, even at such a party.

Khabzade 2 for free

this is no longer acceptable, and worse, the unprecedented appearance of the nocturnal mother’s spirit in the middle of the party and Thanking him for not having this party and ((most people don’t live like that)), and then for the slightest change.

danlode khab zadeh ۲

According to the tone of the film, we can admit that Nozgol and Hooman stayed on the wall after the agents had been thrown to the party, but even with that tone we couldn’t accept why after fleeing the party, Firouz tells the rest of the house His aunts come and of course, before arriving.

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a Syrian relative tells each other not to disturb the aunt! That is to say, the storytelling process of the work is full of fun and charm, and if it were not for the storytelling, we would have had a fascinating effect.

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Likewise, Jirani, who is certainly a master in her own work, has been able to create a joyful moment for the audience. He has tried to enthrall the audience by creating crowd-pleasing slapstick comedy scenes.

Download serial khaba zade part 2 | خواب زده ۲

A typical example is the sequence in which Azar and Nozgol go to Firooz’s workplace simultaneously. Firouz’s shifts from the room that holds Azar to the room that captures the nozzle, the twists and turns of both women, the turquoise confusion and camera gestures, make the audience all the more crowded and funny.

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But at the end of this episode, from where Firouz and the rest go to Aunt’s house, things get messed up; who’s in love? Why does Nozgol tell Hooman to read to me because I want to invest? Why does the nozzle later relinquish half of Firouz’s property? Who’s finally in love with Hooman? What exactly does this middle Azar want?

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Danlode serial khab zadeh part 1 سریال خواب زده قسمت اول

seryal Khabzade part 2

Where does the result for Hooman and Azar finally come from? Why do they suddenly disappear from the story? These are all questions that in the end disturb the viewer’s mind and destroy the film’s basic sweetness.

danlode seryale khab zadeh ghesmat 2

When we hear in the final twists and turns of Firouz, as if all that we’ve seen so far is sleep, electricity shakes us! It is here that the shooter shoots the film and destroys everything.

tizer serial irani khab zadeh ۲ | خواب زده قسمت دوم



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