Danlode serial khab zadeh part 3 سریال خواب زده قسمت سوم

Danlode serial khab zadeh part 3 سریال خواب زده قسمت سوم

Danlode serial khab zade part 3

serial khab zadeh part 3
khabzade episode 3

Khabzade part 3 Serial with a Scary Genre is in fact the second scary series in Iranian home theater. The series was made in year 5 by Sirus Moghaddam and written by Saeed Nematollah and produced by Elham Ghafouri. In the home theater genres, horror genres have had the smallest share in Iranian home theater, and this series could be the second in the domestic horror genre after the summoning series.

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خرید خواب زده قسمت سوم


The series is to be made in three seasons and broadcast on the home theater network. This series with its horror genre could be a different work than Sirus. He was previously made in the comedy capital series, and the Narges series has a family and social genre.

serial khab zadeh part 3

Khab zadeh3

Formerly called “KhabZadeh Part 3” was a horror series, but now with the release of the series it turns out that the film had the same extravagant atmosphere as Cyrus Moghadam, which was presented to audiences a decade ago in “Coma”.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Danlode serial khab zadeh part 1 سریال خواب زده قسمت اول

mankan part three

Here, too, Satan breaks into a human being and tries to divert the paths of good people and instead support evil. But the important thing about Cyrus’ new series is its technical and non-technical weaknesses, which is a complete disappointment to direct with this record. The technical problems that may be encountered in the work of young filmmakers, but for directors such as Cyrus Moghaddam, are unexpected.

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The opening of the door to a hell-like room has one of the worst possible effects even on a technical scale in Iran. A weird sequence in which the devils and the dead seem to be burning in the fire, and the sound effects are taken from zombie-centric computer games and put on their faces!

danlode seryale khab zadeh ghesmat 3

It is unclear what the emphasis was on portraying such a situation in the series due to the poor technical quality of the “KhabZade Part 3” serial special effects team.

Khab zadeh part 3

Unfortunately, the technical problems of the series do not end there. In the other minutes, the serial location of the camera is incorrectly positioned and repeated several times. Irregular focus and wrong camera movement are major flaws in the “KhabZade Part 3” series.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Danlode serial khab zadeh part 4 سریال خواب زده قسمت چهارم

Khab zadeh part 3 | سریال خواب زده قسمت سوم

As in a sequence when a woman goes to a recording studio to rescue a girl from the studio owner, the backlight is mistakenly dropped from the back to the main subject expressing the dialogue so that it can hardly be laden.

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The storytelling process is also no better than other parts of the series. “KhabZade Part 3” begins with a theft of a currency exchange and then begins to spread the story and introduce other characters. The one-dimensional characters who, like our fiancée, have both abandoned their bad games and are unreasonable in their behavior.

danlode khab zadeh ۳

Dialogues between characters soon tell the audience that we are not going to have an impact. Some of these dialogues are so badly worded that it easily repels the professional audience. One of these dialogues is: “Do you believe in Satan? … But he does! “That is how it is expressed in the worst possible way.

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KhabZadeh Part 3 uses fewer prominent figures than any other home theater series. The main roles were played by Ladan Mostofi and Sima Babaei. Ladan Mostofi is an experienced actor, and here he is, too, and Sima Babaei, in his first acting experience in a series, has to see if he can get the audience’s attention.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Danlode serial khab zadeh part 4 سریال خواب زده قسمت چهارم

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“KhabZade Part 3” has many technical flaws. In the narrative part, although there are many drawbacks to the series, given Cyrus Moghadam’s presence as a director, one can expect to find his way in and outperform other home theater series.

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The experience of Ramadan-themed serialization of transcendental themes has proven that these kinds of works are well received in the community. It is to be seen whether Cyrus Moghaddam can re-name himself after a decade with a supernatural serial.

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Formerly a costume designer, she has only won international cinema awards by playing a short film. Alongside them is Amir Ali Danaei, who can make this triangle better if he is properly portrayed.

seryal Khabzade part 3

He saw Mostofi! In the next view, the camera is tilted between the ground and the sky, moving to another subject in the room! One of the strangest “KhabZadeh Part 3” bugs is in the filming sector.

tizer serial irani khab zadeh ۳ | خواب زده قسمت سوم


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