Danlode serial khab zadeh part 4 سریال خواب زده قسمت چهارم

Danlode serial khab zadeh part 4 سریال خواب زده قسمت چهارم

Danlode serial khab zade part 4

serial khab zadeh part 4
khabzade episode 4

Khabzade part 4 Serial Unfortunately, the technical problems of the series do not end there. In the other minutes, the serial location of the camera is incorrectly positioned and repeated several times. Irregular focus and wrong camera movement are major flaws in the “Khabzadeh” series.
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Khab zadeh4

As in a sequence when a woman goes to a recording studio to rescue a girl from the studio owner, the backlight is mistakenly dropped from the back to the main subject expressing the dialogue so that it can hardly be laden. He saw Mostofi!

Khab zadeh4

In the next view, the camera is tilted between the ground and the sky, moving to another subject in the room! One of the strangest “Khabzadeh” bugs is in the filming sector.

danlod khab zadeh 4 free | خواب زده قسمت چهارم

The storytelling process is also no better than other parts of the series. “Khabzadeh” begins with a theft of a currency exchange and then begins to spread the story and introduce other characters.

khabzadeh part four

The one-dimensional characters who, like Homa’s nominee, have both abandoned their bad games and are unreasonable in their behavior.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Danlode serial khab zadeh part 1 سریال خواب زده قسمت اول

danlode seryale khab zadeh ghesmat 4

Dialogues between characters soon tell the audience that we are not going to have an impact. Some of these dialogues are so badly worded that it easily repels the professional audience. One of these dialogues is: “Do you believe in Satan? … But he does! “That is how it is expressed in the worst possible way.

Khab zadeh part 4 | سریال خواب زده قسمت چهارم

The trend of home theater network serials has boomed this year, and audiences have welcomed private-sector serials.

Khab zadeh part 4

The poor quality of the TV and TV series, the limitations on the presence of some faces, or the low wages paid off, have led more directors to build their work on the home theater network every day, and more prominent actors have come into play.

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In this post we are going to introduce you to the new series of the popular home theater network.

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The young cinematographer and director, hooman seyedi, who never thought he would make such a spectacular comeback this time, has gone on to make a series on the home theater network.

danlode khab zadeh ۴

A serial called The Frog which, like the rest of Sid’s work, has a strange name. The Frog is the first home-grown series of Homan Sidder, starring in front of a camera with prominent actors in cinema and television.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Danlode serial khab zadeh part 3 سریال خواب زده قسمت سوم

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Wade Mohammadzadeh, Saber Abar, Sahar Dolatshahi, Fereshteh Hosseini and Navid Poorfarj star in the series.

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The story follows: The world is a small place for me. Sometimes I think I’m choking. I feel like it’s closed everywhere and I can’t breathe …

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The exact timing of the series has not been announced yet, and it is reportedly still in the filming stage.

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