Danlode serial mankan part 11 سریال مانکن قسمت یازدهم

Danlode serial mankan part 11 سریال مانکن قسمت یازدهم

mankan part 11

mankan part 11
mankan episode 11

Mankan part 11 serial In the ninth and tenth parts of the story, we are confronted with the exchange of old information between the characters rather than with new events; in fact, we have to watch “The Adventures of the Known” 90% of the time. There is only one trick left, however, is to write interesting reactions to the characters after they are informed of the adventures. We have to see how significant the reaction is.

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Mankan part 11 In the Mannequin series, we were less confronted with active characters. This time we are also going to examine the reactions exquisitely. While we know that Farkhonda (Kaveh’s mother) is visiting her son away from her husband’s eyes, in a matter of minutes we have to witness the disclosure of this maternal secret in the presence of her husband Salman.

mankan part 11

danlode mankan ۱۱

Although Salman’s reactions are relatively good and predictable, there are some drawbacks. Salman’s character, despite being the only adversary to most of the adventures, has the least action; he is soon put in the corner of the ring and only waits for the stupid son to regret his day. The whole story of Kaveh’s parents is the same stereotypical story.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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We also know the whole story of Kaveh and Katayun’s marriage, and we have to hear it all over again; Kaveh wants to tell them all. In the meantime, the art is to pass on the old information among the characters so that we can, as a matter of fact, seek to see the reaction of the people.

mankan part 11


Serial Mankan Part 11 Online However, people’s reactions do not take heart. Her peers soon subside her mental questions and even her feminine jealousy and are summed up in a few ordinary dialogues. Its limited actions are predictable.

mankan 11 | دانلود مانکن یازدهم

It wouldn’t be bad if his peer reacted with more suspicion as the story unfolded, as Kaveh told him. That way we could see a temporary but real inflammation between Kaveh and his peers, not a one-minute fight that has yet to be ignited.

mankan 11

danlod mankan part 11

We also knew about the suicide of one of Katayun’s mannequins, a mannequin we didn’t even see in her mourning face. At the very least, there is little mental space left for us by the Mannequin family. Katayoun’s reaction to his teens is also interesting. Of these short and trivial situations and leading dialogues, there are very few in the Mannequin series.

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mankan part 11

Mankan Series Episode 11 The whole story of charm (Shabnam Gholikhani), too, is dismissed with no complexity or surprise. He also has no interesting dialogues in his first appearance, and clearly tries to pull Kaveh to himself. In all the situations where the charm character exists, we just try and know nothing about it. I mean nothing more than the behavioral and personality details, not knowing the character and lineage.

danlod mankan 11 free | مانکن قسمت یازدهم

In the charm scene with Kaveh, there is only a slight reaction to Kaveh; otherwise, in the choreography and acting of the charm character, “artifact” is more than any other element. The only characteristic of this character is his groomed makeup. Although the competition of two wealthy women can have interesting stories per se, I hope it does not come back to the idea of ​​”good idea but bad performance”.

danlode seryale mankan ghesmat 11

In earlier episodes, the brutal reaction to the death of his brother in the form of a good face play by Mohammad Reza Forutan was covered. But to what extent can some good serial actors be able to handle the scripts with so little detail, with so little reaction? Serial snippets are also less attractive, and their force is so small that they cannot compensate for the short story’s original story. The story of addicted husband Narges (mother of a peer) is one of those sub-stories that make us bored and tired.

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One of the good scenes in the series relates to the presence of her hairdresser and hairdresser, Jila. This is the only scene where we are a little scared and angry. Especially the moment the girl is about to open her hands. We don’t know if his hand is really injured or not. We have no such fear at all in confessing to the confused people of two lame Abidin comrades. The scenes of torture and confession in the Shahrzad series are still much better and better than this one.

mankan part eleven

Mankan Series 11 I hope that the story of this character (played by Linda Kiani’s not-so-different and up-to-the-minute work) goes well against the audience. Gila’s character is better than the boring, boring character, and I hope she’s one of the first subplots to get away from the typeface.

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