Danlode serial mankan part 13 سریال مانکن قسمت سیزدهم

Danlode serial mankan part 13 سریال مانکن قسمت سیزدهم

mankan part 13

mankan part 13
mankan episode 13

Mankan part 13 serial Where does the mouse and the cat play in the Mannequin series when its human beings are as lucky as Tom and his lover is as co-authored as Jerry. To be honest, this is not unpredictable. The fate of the football game that the referee constantly receives in favor of one of the teams is clear. Follow Vijiato in the Mannequin Serial Review.

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In melodrama, obviously, the emotional part of the story is much more bold than its social and realistic aspects. But that doesn’t mean ignoring the logic of fiction. Feelings come when characters are accompanied by a set of believable events. It is true that we do not expect a life-like arrangement, but our natural expectation is not to be surprised by the fictional twists of an emotional drama, to make sense of events, and at least the dramatic errors will not appear clearly in front of our eyes.

mankan 13

danlode mankan ۱۳

In these two parts, we face many of these errors, both in script and in performance. Undoubtedly the best serial characters (compared to the rest of the characters) have so far been Katayon and Ember. In what follows, we’ll look at what happens to these characters as the crust and mantle deteriorate.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Danlode serial mankan part 2 سریال مانکن قسمت دوم

mankan part 13

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Mankan part 13 Katayun’s most obvious reaction to the lies of two comrades in relation to their peers should be to take a quick look at Bahram’s (Kaveh’s) fingers. Then one can easily find out that Bahram has no engagement. But Katayoun’s sluggishness and quick-wittedness have come to an end this time. I wish that the inevitable lies of Kaveh, his peers, and that of Bahram would be such that we could admire them at least for their good lies.


On the other hand, we find it very strange and shocking that the mother-in-law has no chaser or slang. It is as if Akbar and his men have completely forgotten to control their most important prey, but let’s just say their most important prey. There is not even any news of Kataion’s kava for Kaveh. While bypassing the footage itself, it could lead to fascinating scenes. That would preserve both the logic of the story and the need not to clip videos or draw dull scenes to fill the serial time.

mankan 13 | دانلود مانکن سیزدهم

It goes without saying that all conditions are provided for the two lovers, and the debtors themselves exhaust themselves. All of us, as a not-so-happy audience, are to watch these story holes and count the flowers eaten by the bad guys. Although the filmmaker wants us to be happy every time after Kaveh’s release, and with fellow insiders or Katayun’s skeptics, this is not the case.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Danlode serial mankan part 12 سریال مانکن قسمت دوازدهم

danlod mankan part 13

Since the main attraction of the series still belongs to the actress and Katayoun, we only get tired of the penalties that the author gets for Kaveh and his peers. If the bad guys had enough intelligence in their heads and then Kaveh could still support his mistress, then Kaveh could be more and more attracted to Kaveh’s intelligence and management. So far Kaveh’s work has become more lips and everything can be done.

mankan part 13

On the other hand, Bahram’s lotteries simply respond to drinking water. We see the worst, and even the most hilarious, performance on the scene of Bahram’s confrontation with the villainous men, when the villainous villainous men are trapped inside each other with rude excuses to end up in the serial goodies. I also use the trait of the big ones deliberately because we have actually seen nothing but a large body. People who don’t have the slightest payoff.

danlod mankan 13 free | مانکن قسمت سیزدهم

In these two parts, the antagonists’ conscience has been largely questioned, and serious events are far more than we expected. Katayoun, who seemed sharper than that, had become a head-to-head woman, and now a fearless creature. Even Bahram (Farzad Farzin), in one of his dialogues, says to his peers: “Is this what you were saying?”

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Danlode serial mankan part 5 سریال مانکن قسمت پنجم

danlode seryale mankan ghesmat 13

It is here that the author has given full support to his luscious serial lovers and has come to grips with events. He continues to find the easiest way to look at emotional and mysterious topics. If the writer of the nahang abi serialized in an extreme and haunting way, here is a simplistic account of adventures here.

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One of the very good serial plans is Katayun’s entry into the celebration; The camera’s dolly movement, while taking an upside-down angle, has helped a lot with the feel and, most importantly, Katayon’s face in the center of the frame. A woman who is aware of all this drama and makes it so fun to act in front of others. Seeing him creates a feeling of compassion in us. A sense of compassion that is not comical, and the author easily misses the opportunity to ponder his personality.

mankan part Thirteenth

Katayun is fine and normal after a fictitious surprise. It is quiet inside and has no different look than Kaveh. The author does not intend to delve into his characters and insists on the most superficial payments. Believe me, I’ve seen a lot of moviegoers that are superficial. When Kaveh defines Katayun’s dress, it means insistently coming forward to fulfill her request. But Katayoun’s reaction to these sentences is nothing but “no surprise” and no sense of welcome. However, he had to approach the needy woman we met in the first few episodes. A woman who was in love with her, who sought revenge for this deficiency.

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Danlode serial mankan part 17 سریال مانکن قسمت هفدهم

tizer serial irani maankan ۱۳ | مانکن قسمت سیزده


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