Danlode serial mankan part 14 سریال مانکن قسمت چهاردهم

Danlode serial mankan part 14 سریال مانکن قسمت چهاردهم

mankan part 14

mankan part 14
mankan episode 14

Mankan part 14 serial The Mannequin series has a better rhythm in the sequence of events in these two parts. So it takes time to incorporate most of its major and minor characters. Their presence, however, is still centered on quantity, not quality.

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As we prefer to push ahead with regular books (the ones that don’t get too busy), for most Iranian serials, we would like things to go faster and the end of lovers and enemies to love. This is, after all, the overwhelming mission of Iranian casual series: familiar narratives, familiar adventures, familiar people, familiar issues (you read duplicate) to fill the audience’s time.

mankan 14

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Serial audiences have been so deprived of the details of characterization that their expectations have been greatly reduced. But doing the right thing (no matter how ordinary) really requires a good and proper characterization because it is these people who make the most of the things (here the most trouble) for themselves and others.

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mankan part 14

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So serial writers go up or down, eventually having to pay for their characters to the required level (even if that’s not enough) and staying loyal to the character. These are the minimum of work. In some respects, the Mannequin series has had these acceptable minimums in some respects, and in some cases has not. In this review we will deal with these cases in a more concise manner.


As an oppressed audience, we are buried so much in apartments, offices, or even parks that we all naturally find that when we see views of a large mine or a lighted hall, we may feel a bit transient. Bahram’s mine and lounge are the first non-apartment and non-cluster serial locations.

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It is good to get into the new space, though the humble play in the mine is in contrast to the highly amateurish game engineer (a new character) and the atmosphere of this new space is soon lost. Bahram had a good entry in the series and got here I do not know where this engineer will come from.

danlod mankan part 14

The story of the mine and its relationship with peers are also some of the weird story ideas in the series. The character of the characters was so floating that in every part of the series, it was possible for a family member to enter the story in a strange way. Of course, we have been aware of his father’s death before, and it seems that even the dead need to be resurrected to carry on with the adventures of the series. Is.

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Danlode serial mankan part 6 سریال مانکن قسمت ششم

mankan part 14

Personally, I have no interest in what happened to all of a sudden, without any sudden surprises, and without the slightest hint, and I believe the easiest way to write a screenplay is this model. The hand-written companions in our series also use it for your convenience. As the number of these “concentrated surprises” grows, so does the quality of the work.

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Footnote: “Body play” is the least used technique by actors, and humble in this scene, with hand and stone movements, it looks better. In the rest of the series, she mainly uses her face, which is cold and cruel, to act. This suggests that Mohammad Reza Forutan would be more successful if he reduced the exaggeration to dry face play and added to his body play.

danlode seryale mankan ghesmat 14

“We finally found out why Aker’s foot was open in his peer life and why he was not leaving.” You might as well simply say this to yourself after seeing these episodes. But the accuracy of the serial process tells us that these adventures have contradictory backgrounds. So it is clear that the author in the middle of the work suddenly incorporates these ideas into his work. The peer fell into solitude because he had been rejected by his uncles. In fact, he was rejected by everyone. On the other hand, the thieves did not seek to kill his grandmother, which is a coincidence.

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Danlode serial mankan part 15 سریال مانکن قسمت پانزدهم

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But suddenly the serial writer tells us that all of this was a plan to be alone and thus to need a breaker. Because only the loneliness factor would lead to a caller. The important thing is that the pile of conditions separate from the will of the killer have come together to call the killer, meaning there was no plan. Here is where the author relies on the poor memory of his audience and picks up the game as he pleases. Audiences should be smart and not be fooled by complex scriptwriting, but in reality.

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Ironically there is also a skepticism of the names (though we have heard only one name) that has caught the eye. The question arises as to whether or not such rotten men are diminished by the girls in question, who artificially insist on having a special daughter. Now that these motifs have a financial incentive, they will not need a peer-to-peer dealer. So what is the reason for the peer-to-peer selection and payment of all cash to the mining prospectus? I hope these motivations continue to be reasonably clear throughout the series because they are not without significance.

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