Danlode serial mankan part 16 سریال مانکن قسمت شانزدهم

Danlode serial mankan part 16 سریال مانکن قسمت شانزدهم

mankan part 16

mankan part 16
mankan episode 16

Mankan part 16 serial (Spoil’s Danger Begins) I don’t want to end the surprise of episode 12, but I have to because it’s so important. Seeing this surprise will probably raise a question in your mind about the motivation of one of the main characters. Why, despite knowing that one of his men was alive, Akbar continues to insist on destroying his brother and himself as a vengeful mourner. Akbar to his peer: “I am a mourning brother you destroyed”

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The problem is obvious. In all of these two episodes, it is written exactly like a mourning vengeance, and the writer of the series seems to have decided at the end of episode eleven to include this surprise in the series. But the point is that any surprise, as I mentioned earlier, needs some background and backgrounds.

You cannot be surprised by false contradictions or feelings. According to the record we got from the attacker, it doesn’t kill as much as possible. Rather, it brings the traitors to the edge of terror.

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Danlode serial mankan part 10 سریال مانکن قسمت دهم

mankan 16

danlode mankan ۱۶

However, he has a class for his profession and has rules for himself. He mentions Behnam’s father-in-law to be fair to his wife, but he seems quite irrational in dealing with his peers like a sick gang. Either he must be a brutal gangster or a calculative and accurate and even fair-minded mafia.

mankan part 16

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We had the same shock in earlier episodes. Ikhari knew her peer in a strange way and caused her displacement. It means a personal feud. The character is split and lost in consistency as the screenwriter pursues thoughtful surprises.

The body that starts well and gets worse gets worse. Even his long dialogues with his peers in a bad place suggest a weak script. Every beginner offender also knows how to prey first and then eat.


Attractive acting by Mohammad Reza Forutan is slowly being phased out due to the author’s inaccurate and superficial pay-off, and hopefully this will stop. At least for those who are basically following the series for the sake of this good actor, continuing to do so will not benefit the series at all.

mankan 16 | دانلود مانکن شانزدهم

Among the things that happen to serial sub characters, as I was expecting, Jila’s story is better than the rest. The more challenging situation has also influenced Linda Kiani’s game and we are seeing her perform better. The best scene of Episode 11 also belongs to Gila and her search for scooter machines.

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Danlode serial mankan part 23 سریال مانکن قسمت بیست و سوم

The slight suspense of this scene makes us react to Jila’s bad feeling. Even the villain in front of this character seems to be a clever and intelligent person who has special ways to punish his people.

danlod mankan part 16

However, as explained above, Kaveh is deliberately weakened in front of Kaveh, and many are being written about. I do not think this sense of companionship with Jaleh has taken place between us and our peers or Kaveh at the same time. Peer concern for her mother does not worry us at all, and her jealousy is not so serious.

We know that the danger of his love does not threaten Kaveh, and Kaveh is always with him in all circumstances, and Kucheriren is no different in his behavior, so easy.

mankan part 16

Although Nazanin Bayati appears good in short monologues and sometimes has an acceptable face to play, he is neither written nor acted properly.
One of the worst subplots of these two episodes is Katayun’s Charm Friend. The woman who looked depraved, but with the movement we saw at the celebration, seemed too superficial and stupid.

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The weakest people reveal their jealousy to this child. With these kinds of reactions, we no longer expect a serious rival to the charm of ketamine. This bad character started and continues to go bad.

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Danlode serial mankan part 5 سریال مانکن قسمت پنجم

danlode seryale mankan ghesmat 16

Mars in these two parts looks more fun than before. Especially in a scene where she wants to get a new suit and shoes and fit into the social class she doesn’t belong to. Even his dialogues with the shopkeeper are good and interesting. But in the Mannequin series, as in other recent series, we see the repetition of the fun and ineffective.

His behaviors in his new job are the culmination of his constant lampooning. So much so that every audience understands this excess. It’s like leaving Groucho or Chico (Marx Brothers) in a romantic melodrama. Mars certainly has nothing to do with the Marx brothers, but he doesn’t know much about discipline.

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His extreme sobriety also affects the modeling game and ruins the job. It is this issue that does not allow for the sole social and important issue of the series to take on an intriguing color. So the serial, as we expected, doesn’t even pay close attention to the model and fame, and it has a bold pink goggle to deal with this and the rest of its subjects.

mankan part Sixteenth

Because the opinions of the pros and cons are important to me, I sometimes try to have a look at them at the end of my reviews. Audiences who have rated Mannequin so far a good or excellent serial can still be happy to see this character modeling or story planning. No crumbs can be tasted.

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Danlode serial mankan part 22 سریال مانکن قسمت بیست و دوم

My suggestion is to watch their favorite works once in a while, according to non-favorite criteria, to open up new horizons ahead of them. This is how one might have hoped for the growth of serialization in Iran; the more unattractive and serious the reviews, the more hopeful we were.

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