Danlode serial mankan part 2 سریال مانکن قسمت دوم

Danlode serial mankan part 2 سریال مانکن قسمت دوم

mankan part 2

serial mankan part 2
mankan episode 2

Mankan part 2 serial begins with a romantic image of Kaveh and Hamta . Soon, however, this image breaks down and gives way to an image in which Kaveh and his peers are fighting for separation on the same snowy night as they spend their romances.
The series, which spends the final days of filming, was unveiled last night on Cyrus Campus, with many artists and fans including Marila Zarei, Farzad Farzin, Nazanin Bayati, Amir Hossein Arman, Linda Kiani, Shabnam Gholikhani, Manouchehr Hadi, Negar Abedi and … participated in this private screening.

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mankan part 2

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The summary of the series reads: “Always great and beautiful love, great and dreadful enemies . The model begins with a romantic image of Kaveh (Amir Hossein Arman) and peer (Nazanin Bayati). Soon, however, this image breaks down and gives way to an image in which Kaveh and his peers are fighting for separation on the same snowy night as they spend their romances.

serial mankan part 2
mankan ghesmat 2

danlod mankan part 2

Kaveh suddenly wants to end their relationship, and he doesn’t understand everything he is trying to do. After separating from her peers, she goes to a luxurious, large house where Katayun Sufyan (Marilla Zarei) is waiting for her. A woman who wants to separate Kaveh from her past and build a new one.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Danlode serial mankan part 3 سریال مانکن قسمت سوم

mankan part 2

Kaveh lives with her mother (Elham Pavehnejad) and her sister, and her father (Hussein Pakdel) is in prison for her debts. It is not long after Kaveh signs with Katayun. Kaveh gives Katayoun a lot of obligations before signing and gives him and his lawyer a large sum of money and Katayoun gives Kaveh seven billion and two hundred million dollars in cash.

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Katayoun Sufyan: Look, Kaveh, I paid for your dad’s release, and I bought you. I bought you. Don’t understand yet ?! I bought you. I paid for it. You’ve speculated on it. You gave it to me. You’re expensive too, but I bought you … I love you today … Wherever I want … Wherever I want … in front of whoever I say. You love me .

danlode seryale mankan ghesmat 2

Katayoun is a wealthy and powerful woman who chooses Kaveh as his wife and buys her! Kaveh falls in love with Katayoun to free his father from prison and to regulate his family life. But Katayoun’s motivations for doing so are still unclear, and this is what will be revealed in future episodes.

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Looking at one part of the Mankan part 2, there is not much to say about it except that the main driving force behind the Mankan story, like so many other serials, is money.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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mankan part two

Money and the war that often takes place between money and love. Also, as far as Farzad Farzin’s name was mentioned in the cast of this series, pop music plays a major role in the structure of the Mankan series. Almost a third of the first part, though with the headline and end titles, make up Farzad Farzin’s songs.

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The songs have been sung by Roozbeh Bamani (I Wish and Future (Final Titrage)) and Farzad Farzin (Mankan) and all three have been composed by Farzad Farzin. Mankan and her music video were both released as part of the series’ primetime and elementary titles before the first episode aired on Thursday, August 28th, and finally, with Marilla Zarei experiencing her first appearance in a home theater series. It could be a promising part of a different role-playing role that will also make the audience eager to see the future.

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  1. Injoor ke az serial haye irani peyda hast, dar iran jense naar roo be engheraz hastesh, dar haddi ke tamame khanomhaye irani teshneye yek mard ba moghieate mali va khanevadegie zire sefr hastan va hazer hastan milion haa hazine konand.
    bishtar shabihe afsaneh hast in serial ta vagheyiat.
    Taasoff baraye khanome Merila ZAREYI va baghiye bazigarane in serial.


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