Danlode serial mankan part 5 سریال مانکن قسمت پنجم

Danlode serial mankan part 5 سریال مانکن قسمت پنجم

mankan part 5

serial mankan part 5
mankan episode 5

Mankan part 5 serial by Hossein Soheilizadeh, after making more than ten serials for various television networks, including Distance, Delights, Native Songs, and… for the first time ever made a series for the home broadcast network, with its rules and stereotypes.

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mankan part 5

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Mankan part 5 serial story is that a poor boy named Kaveh (Amir Hossein Arman) commits suicide because of his imprisonment, rent, and debt to his imprisoned father, albeit an apparently religious one. Her buyer is a very wealthy woman (Marilla Zare), no joke. It does not seem to send back the purchased item either.

danlode mankan ۵

Peer (Nazanin Bayati) and Kaveh are perennial lovers. It comes from a serial quasi-Indian video clip that has had a lot of memories of ice cream, candy and motorbikes. But Kaveh falls in love. His not-so-good play alongside worse dialogues has made him not like this character in the first episode of the series if he doesn’t.

mankan part 5


Serial Mankan Part 5 Online Dialogue that tells the owner of the staircase is both badly written and badly written. The landlord has no reason to count on Kaveh but wins. Such unpleasant details suggest a relatively weak script. Although it is not possible to comment on the series as a whole, it is possibleThe rest of the characters are similar. The peer family is torn apart, and as the film’s sad and humorous mood turns out, there is no bright future for either him or his mother. Her mother-in-law, too, is a very stereotypical type of drug addict.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Danlode serial mankan part 16 سریال مانکن قسمت شانزدهم

serial mankan part 5

mankan 5 | دانلود مانکن پنج

The first plan of the film has a good rhythm and shows the passage of time with a camera tilt motion. Except for this scene with a few nice, non-television frames, the rest of the scenes are the same repetitive images of rental homes or very luxurious homes with a very casual rhythm. The location of the prison is with the same duplicate frames that we have seen in all Iranian prisons in all Iranian serials.

danlod mankan part 5

Seeing the first part of the series raises questions in our minds, the most important of which is Katayoun’s character. We do not know what his purpose is to tie Kaveh around as a robotic dog. Where did he get to know him and why did this young boy choose his favorite bait for his upcoming games? In other words, how Kaveh is going to be a puppet for the Katayun shows and what to do for this woman’s entertainment.

mankan part 5

Mankan Series Episode 5 The series tries to use the mannequin metaphor and repeatedly shows the metaphor in various doll formats in the title. The serial theme of the title is quite clear. To this extent, the boy resembles a rogue prisoner and the wife of an authoritarian prisoner. I do not know whether this simplification will continue until the next sections in their dialogue or give it some complexity.

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Danlode serial mankan part 11 سریال مانکن قسمت یازدهم

danlod mankan 5 free | مانکن قسمت پنجم

However, the presence of Marilla Zare as an actor gives us a lot of story twist between her and the boy. The best scene from this early episode of the series is about Kaveh and Katayoun’s conversation in a large and luxurious garden. The only scene that captures part of the characterization mission; we see Kaveh’s inferiority and Katayoun’s self-deprecation riding on his car, and the camera angle emphasizes this self-doubt.

danlode seryale mankan ghesmat 5

In this episode, there are apparently significant events that could be the basis for various adventures in the following sections. Of course, it just doesn’t make the series happen. Even though we know about Kaveh’s father in prison and we have more information than Kaveh, we will not be suspended again and he is blamed for the very bad performance of that in prison. Hopefully, the serial director has been more sensitive to how things go in the next episodes than we saw.

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There is no excitement in this part of the series, and it is mostly based on superficial sentimentalism and unattractive dialogue. The stereotype of melodramatic works is also lacking in excitement; our filmmakers mostly confuse melodrama with onions and expect us to be immediately affected by the misery of their peers or Kaveh’s desperation. But it does require that we first see distinct people so that we can deal with their problems, not just be a passive observer, so that the scenes pass through our eyes and our hearts experience no excitement, though temporary. In-game artifacts prevent these from happening to the audience.

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Danlode serial mankan part 3 سریال مانکن قسمت سوم

mankan part Five

Mankan Series 5 Evidence shows that in later episodes actors such as Mohammad Reza Forutan and even a singer such as Farzad Farzin can be found, and it may be interesting to see the work continue. Experience has shown, however, that actors cannot fill a good, well-calculated script.

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Television serials have stormed the home network and the number of serials is on the rise. It is not long before most of these products look like products from one factory. Topics all come from issues that are either fundamental, or, if they are, important to the community, as the filmmakers look at the wrong, superficial, and vulgar subject. It seems as though “realism” is clinging to our serials, and has replaced the tangled pieces of society’s puzzle. Payments are strangely artificial.

serial maankan 5

We have seen similar characters in other serials, and games are duplicates of previous games. There is less of a new look to these series. Therefore, it can be concluded that the existence of a home broadcasting network, as a network that has left at least the hands of serial makers on cheaper payments.

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