Danlode serial mankan part 6 سریال مانکن قسمت ششم

Danlode serial mankan part 6 سریال مانکن قسمت ششم

mankan part 6

serial mankan part 6
mankan episode 6

Mankan part 6 serial is capable of more serious struggles, and I hope it does not lose focus with the dialogue. Our current question is why these two good milestones still keep the series in a less attractive state and make it no better. At the beginning of this discussion, I draw your attention to the arrival of new people. Bahram (Farzad Farzin) has a funny entry into the series. He speaks with a certain naivety and mischief and entertains and laughs for a few minutes

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serial mankan 6

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Mankan part 6 But it is not long before the brutal kid’s brigade reveals itself. If we only consider him as the salt that is sometimes sprinkled in the story and nothing more than his presence, he will be silenced and watched as he joins the other types. But if we were to expect more serious, this characterization model certainly does not like our taste. After all, can people be trashed so quickly?

serial mankan part 6

danlode mankan ۶

Now consider the story of boxing and peer work. The series tries to show him without any help to make a decision in his life. If you’ve seen the series, you know that decision. But aren’t we supposed to believe that there was really no other way than that?

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When thieves attack Grandma’s house at night, they do not kill each other even though she is a good witness to giving them to the police; let’s not forget that the police are out and the serial ignores them completely and a convincing gimmick to jump on these issues. It doesn’t work.

Danlode serial mankan part 6


Serial Mankan Part 6 Online Thieves are not only caricatured and caricatured, they are caricatured and intimidating, but they are also irrational. The screenwriter sent them out to make them more alone. We heard that the killers were returning to the crime scene, but we didn’t know anything about the robbers. In short, it is a similar story.

serial mankan part 6

mankan 6 | دانلود مانکن شش

Peer cousins ​​are worse than hasty thieves. Two bad uncle cartoons that aren’t even the type. It only takes a few seconds to throw out the peer because something is going to happen in the author’s mind. Now how to act is not important to him.

danlod mankan part 6

You can’t just think about the milestones and ignore the conditions of building and moving those milestones. It turns out that even Akbar’s behavior is in a theatrical way, and the caricatured components we have described cannot inject enough attraction into his story. However, everything is weighted in movies and serials and cannot handle the rest of the work

mankan part 6

Mankan Series Episode 6 Suppose there was a real crisis without any mockery of the peer, and we were both in the performance and in the screenplay seeking peer-to-peer help from the mysterious stranger; then that peer-to-peer phone call could have been a new thrill.

danlod mankan 6 free | مانکن قسمت ششم

Mohammad Reza Forutan is a man of power and wealth who, while having the face and voice of companionship, can at times entice revenge and crime with a smile on his face. This initial insight was evidenced by the two scenes we saw in this episode of the series

danlode seryale mankan ghesmat 6

But on the whole, the iconography of his office and remembrance reminds us of the foreign films we’ve all seen, the mysterious killers and the rich rich men who speak politely but whose hands are bloody. Hopefully, the disaster that came with Farzad Farzin’s role as a monolithic type in the tail does not come with a humble secret.

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n any case, his existence has created a pretty good balance in the series – one rich with Kaveh and one rich with his peers. It is hoped that this balance will lead to serious contradictions. So far, however, Kaveh’s exposure to money has not yielded to his peers and has maintained its principles of conduct.

mankan part Six

Mankan Series 6 But what keeps them entertained are the main characters. Kaveh and his peers are still linear, lacking in charm and intricate personality complexity. While the two richest serials have received at least some minimal characterization.

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