Danlode serial mankan part 9 سریال مانکن قسمت نهم

Danlode serial mankan part 9 سریال مانکن قسمت نهم

mankan part 9

mankan part 9
mankan 9

Mankan part 9 serial is a man of power and wealth who, while having the face and voice of companionship, can at times entice revenge and crime with a smile on his lips. This initial insight was evidenced by the two scenes we saw in this episode of the series.

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mankan 9

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Mankan part 9 But on the whole, the iconography of his office and remembrance reminds us of the foreign films we’ve all seen, the mysterious killers and the rich rich men who speak politely but whose hands are bloody. Hopefully, the disaster that came with Farzad Farzin’s role as a monolithic type in the tail does not come with a humble secret.

mankan 9 | دانلود مانکن نه

In Mankan part 9 In any case, his existence has created a relatively good balance in the series – one rich with Kaveh and one rich with his peers. It is hoped that this balance will lead to serious contradictions. So far, however, Kaveh’s exposure to money has not yielded to peer pressure and has maintained its principles of conduct. But what is still fascinating is the main characters. Kaveh and his peers are still linear, lacking in charm and intricate personality complexity.

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mankan part 9

mankan 9 | دانلود مانکن نه

Whereas the two richest serialists have at least received some minimal characterization. But in spite of all the competition in serialization, especially home serials, we can’t get away with low-level personality and fictional contrasts. Today’s audience is freely connected to hundreds of different TV and internet channels, and it is harder to attract such an audience than ever.

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Of course, in this series, one of our characters is buying and selling clothes, and as you know, there is a Mankan 9 in every clothing store, and we used that metaphorically. ”

mankan part 9

At the end of this episode of the series we see an important surprise that we thought would not happen now. Kaveh’s father is no longer considered part of home decor and has been left with thanksgiving. So far, her relationship with her husband and her children has been somewhat good, but hopefully deeper and more emotional than we’ve seen, especially with her auspicious wife.

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Serial titration is full of Mankan Part 9s. How are the Mankan Part 9s really? We all know that they have no will or authority of their own and only look like human beings. The shopkeeper carries them whatever he wants and gives them where he wants. They don’t talk to Mankan Part 9s, they don’t bargain, and they don’t even talk about getting permission.

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Mannequin part 9 ,The biggest downside to the series so far, is that Kaveh has only one of all the features of a Mankan Part 9. That he should move and embed his body every moment Katayun said to where he said, once in the front of guests, once in front of employees, and so on.

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However, Kaveh also bargains to move his body from his home to Katayoun’s whereabouts. She has no commitments in the bedroom and is not even going to use her artificial, even artificial, love words. As I mentioned earlier, Kaveh is practically emotionally and sexually free. Remember how Katayoun asks Kaveh to come to his room one night, pretending to be in the room, and with what a frightened and confused face he enters the room.

mankan part nine

It was the worst idea we’ve ever seen in this series. Let us be honest with ourselves. That the issue of slavery for a man for a woman for money is not a highly paid issue in Iranian serials does not mean that we should be satisfied with the most bona fide payments.

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