Danlode serial nahang abi part 16

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nahang abi part 16

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Danlode serial nahang abi part 16

In summary of serial Nahange Abi Part 16 , the story goes: “In the Nahang Abi 16, before the meeting, Armin, Pearl and the world plan to destroy Parvish. Each has a method, but its purpose is apparently the same. Halea tries to help her with the help of Dr. Zamani, the secret of the whale site that harasses her. Ghazal seeks to understand the relationship between the rare and the missing of Mehrdad, and the world does whatever it takes to find Anahita closer … “

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خرید قسمت شانزدهم نهنگ آبی


Pearl, Armin, Nader and the world are gathering together before the world and Parviz meeting to kill the final plan of the murder of Parviz. Each of these four people offers a way, and each of them is suspicious of another. But in any case, the destruction of Parviz is so important to them that they are ready to endure a tense atmosphere between them in the hope of reaching their goal.

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The maps each of which has weaknesses, but in the end it is an Armin map that is approved for implementation, and the world and rare, each of which hates Armin for their own reasons, can not do anything except accepting the Armin map.

On the night before the meeting, each person involved in the game, from the world to Armin and from Nader to Parviz, is watching with himself and their consequences for their plans and the way in which they have gone. Certainly a few Another victim takes an hour later and this victim can be their own.

Armin: That pearl night thought of Parviz’s side effects more than anything else. Pegah and her mother, with a few bumps, were in the path of their map, the creative side effects. Parviz was a much bigger move in front of the creator. More people were involved.

Download serial nahang Abi part 16

The halo suggests someone who wants to see each other on the Nahange Abi Part 16 site and meets her in a park. We neither, nor our own halo, know when the doctor had seen what had been the reason why he had been seen before in the clinic where he was hospitalized, who is in charge of and what is his goal?

However, Dr. Zamani has long been attracted to Hale’s confidence and promised him to solve the problems that he had encountered on the Nahang Abi Part 16 site and help him out to those who annoy him.

But Ghazal has a great thought in the hours away from Nader who can not get rid of everything: what is rare in the company and what was his relationship with Mehrdad ?! The ghazale can no longer tolerate and, to overcome this, helps Mehrdad’s friends pursue Nader. An unwanted ghazard will enter the game.

nahang abi ghesmat 16

Armin: The ghazal could not get mad. He had to find a rare affair with the loss of his brother so he could live with a rare one. Rare things were more confusing. The ghazall was a stranger to enter our complex game.

serial nahang abi ghesmat 16 is involved in the issues of the fund and makes every effort to stop the demands of her high-handed people and not enter corruption. Armin’s parents are getting closer and closer to Armin’s mother with the pressure that comes from the dish in the box and a bit further away from the complexity of the original game.

 serial nahang abi 16

Armin: My mother was trying to repair something that was lost. Was it really upright? Do you have a relationship when something happens between people can it come to life again?

The serial Nahang Abi characters are the only ones who are both away from each other and both sides and rivals. In a way that becomes more and more vibrant every day, nobody can trust and every day, even their own shadow, is more threatening to them than before.

The play between Armin and Pearl and Nader and the world and Parviz can be a mirror of many social relations. A game that does not have a boss. But the power of the people is not equal, and at the same time, the powerful are not in safety, and the weaker at any moment can harm them.


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