Danlode serial nahang abi part 30 نهنگ آبی قسمت آخر

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Danlode serial nahang abi part 30 نهنگ آبی قسمت آخر

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nahang abi part 30
nahange abi 30

Nahang Abi last part serial Everything revolves around a person and his or her abilities. Abilities that keep others away from the mainstream of their lives and end up in a dangerous game. Armin is a 4-year-old young introvert who has decided to do a great job in the field of network security. Establishing a reading site is his first step in starting something new in his life.
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nahang abi 30

Having a low-income, low-income relationship, experiencing new life in love, experiencing multidimensional relationships with new people and big and dangerous financial offers, he becomes a new and unknown Armin to those around him.

nahang abi ghesmat akhar | نهنگ آبی قسمت اخر

On the other hand, these new connections also bring new people into Armin's life. Anahita is one of those people who regards Armin as a good tool for achieving her goals. On the one hand, the emotional conflicts between Armin and Jaleh, and at the same time Armin and Anahita.

nahang abi ghesmat 30

Anahita's unbalanced and troubled personality make Armin inadvertently involved in major troubles. The headaches that pearlize Nader, Avalanche, and Halo in the middle of the story, as well as elaborate puzzles such as the confused collage throughout the story.

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I have left the sense of duty to the viewer and have disappeared for this reason. That is contrary to my principles and sensitivities. Although writing this memo does not make any difference, it can at least make my contribution as a writer, director and producer clearer than this.

danlode nahange abi 30

An unhappy fate for “Anahita” that I no longer had a chance to play, and I was completely taken aback. The form of Anahita's departure from the story, for me, other than role and career considerations, was that she performed the farewell with the audience that followed, but in the present form I seem to overlook the series.

nahange abi 30

With the death of Anahita, I also left the group, but the creators of the series again, contrary to our agreement, envisioned another fate for Anahita, who allegedly had her disappeared until further notice.

Nahange Abi part 30

My persistence on the one hand and the patience of the other parties for such things went so far as to deprive me of the opportunity to continue working. After much exhilarating and utterly frustrating upheavals, we agreed to take Anahita and me out of the series and come up with a story for this character to come out. By definition, Anahita is determined to reveal the secrets of the company but the power behind the company, It overthrew him, and the same definition was written and filmed.

nahange abi 30 | نهنگ ابی 30

I need to share a few things with the viewers who followed Anahita and me in this serial about my role, presence and absence in the Nahange Abi series.

nahang abi last part

My presence in the series came with the promise that this role in the script rewriting would grow and deepen. They promised that there was a writer on the way but the writer on the way never got on with the project, and the original serial writer and producer didn't feel the need to take my requests seriously, or their other film jobs.

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