download doping serial all part دانلود سریال دوپینگ تمام قسمت ها

download doping serial all part دانلود سریال دوپینگ تمام قسمت ها

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danlode serial doping

Again doping serial is another comedy to inspire people, which this time alXso has fantasies. Doping has been filmed in various parts of the capital and its production has been relatively quiet. The producer of this series is the renowned cinematographer Seyed Amir Parvin Hosseini.

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download doping serial

This is Reza Maghsoudi’s first collaboration with television. He had previously produced the film “Don’t Be Shy”. “Doping” airs in two episodes, with the news that due to the Corona outbreak, only 5 episodes of the series being shot on Nowruz go on the antenna and resume shooting later. But the imaging seems to be over. This is Hadi Hejazi’s first collaboration with television.

Shabnam Moghaddam, Hadi Hejaziifar, Elnaz Habibi, Nima Shabaninejad, Mohammad Bahrani, Alireza Ara, Farzin Mohadd, Misagh Jamshidi and Mina Jafarzadeh will be cast in the series.

Shiva Khosro Mehr, Zohreh Safavi, Ilya Keyvan, Vahid Rahimian, Shima Jahangiri, Farshid Nezakati, Mahtab Hosseini, Zahra Kouhsarian, Forough Akbari are the other cast in this series.

Production of the doping serial began in silent news with delay. According to the news, budget shortages and network financial problems were the three reasons for the delay in starting the project, and production of the film began a little later than planned.

Due to the delay in the beginning of the film’s production process, Barzon Niknejad, with his unofficial presence as a director, helped to film parts of the series to reach its release date.
In connection with his collaboration with film agents, Brzezo Niknejad said:
I don’t have a director in the title, and so is my multi-day contribution to the band. My contribution to the series is not only because of my longtime friendship with Mr. Maghsoudi and Parvin Hosseini, but also to be able to take the pressure off them.
پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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The doping series is produced in thirty episodes and will be broadcast every night at 8:45 pm on the three-channel network.

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