download film Araghe sard (Cold Sweat) فیلم عرق سرد

download film Araghe sard (Cold Sweat) فیلم عرق سرد

danlode araghe sard (cold sweet)

film araghe sard
film aragh sard

Araghe sard film Directors facing such subjects usually have a seemingly simple task in a complex and intricate context. Simply because they are easy to impress because of the up-to-date and sensitivity of the subject, especially in cases such as the movie “Cold Sweat” whose story is based on a real event and does not last long.
What happened in cold sweet movie is a lot of controversy in cyberspace and the memory of it has not yet been cleared from the public mind. In fact, viewers like the film and the criticism that the film makes about a wrong law and largely ignore the problems of the script.

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aragh sard But the thing that makes us admire Soheil Beiraghi and keep up with his later work, in addition to his bravery in choosing the subject Araghe sard, is the simple and unmistakable narrative of the film as if Beiraghi lived and knew the people of his story well, and that led to the behavior of the main characters and The movie sub is believable to us.

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Cast Role
Baran kosari Afrooz ardastani
Amir Jadidi Yaser shah hosseini
Sahar Dolatshahi Mehraneh Noori
Leili rashidi Pantea Ale davood
Hoda Zeynolabedin mosi ataei

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Soheil Beiraqi, who was able to present himself as a future director with his first film “I”, has come up with a controversial subject for his second film. A subject that can easily arouse the audience’s curiosity and drag him to the cinema.
cold sweat movie iran The film narrates the story of Afrooz (Baran Kosari) captain of the national futsal team. As he travels to the airport for the final game, he realizes he has been banned from leaving the airport.

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cold sweat movie 2018 The cold sweat begins with the closing of Afrooz’s shoes and getting him ready to enter the futsal. This sequence is one of the film’s best directed sequences with a great deal of detail and from the very beginning he shot Afrooz with his tattoos on hand and filming in the dressing room. Araghe sard  Introduces a vicious person and a law-abiding personality. The good play of Kowsari’s rain largely persuades the viewer to believe in today’s actions and reactions.

Araghe sard full movie

cold sweat iranian movie But most of the script bugs revolve around Afrooz’s character. The director has been trying to make Afrooz too white and innocent so as not to overwhelm the viewer, but this is one of the good points of the film, but the director’s tendency to cause the viewer to sometimes lose his unwanted sympathy with Afrooz. For example, Afrooz is trying to deceive the federation and keeps repeating that I am the only reason for the success of the national team and bringing the team here so it seems natural that his teammates will not defend him except his close friend and the federation will be reluctant to retain his indefinable player.

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film irani araghe sard the reason for Afrooz’s disillusionment with his wife is not sufficiently detailed to convince the viewer that Afrooz’s husband had not been a balanced person and had abused her even before he had exhausted his legal authority and banned her from leaving. Most importantly, the film has a strange legal climax at the climax of its story, which is unlikely to come from a film that wants to protest an unequal law. Another problem with the unfinished ending is that the main ending is said to have been censored.

Film Araghe sard | فیلم عرق سرد

cold sweat review In addition to the good play of rain Kowsari, the new Amir with his different makeup has done well in acting as a hypocrite. The “cold sweat” is great until it comes back to a new emir, and the embodiment of such a complex contemporary familiar character has been meticulously done.

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cold sweat film 2018 Introducing this character to the audience is the film’s most intriguing idea, our first encounter in that chase sequence without showing the man. Where it kicks the car from behind to the car and boasts its power. Better yet is the confrontation between Afrooz and her husband at home, which is undoubtedly the best movie sequence. The man’s hypocrisy is best portrayed, and in contrast to Afrooz, he has to behave like himself.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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Danlode aragh sard full movie

film aragh sard In this sequence, the film also teases the deceitful thought of those who had advised him to deceive his wife with kindness and attention. The sub-characters, especially the team leader, were well characterized by Sahar Dowlatshahi’s fine play, so much so that his behavioral details, such as his manner of speaking and displaying kindness, were familiar to any viewer.

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cold sweat film iran Cold Sweat, despite all its problems, is a movie that is entertaining and takes the viewer by the end of the film, has good acting and directing, and his storytelling style keeps the viewer curious. More importantly, it is a bold film that has a real social concern. There is less directing in Iranian cinema to justify such inevitably legal inequality, so the director should be commended and his film supported.

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