Download film chahar angosht فیلم چهار انگشت

download film char angosht فیلم چهار انگشت

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Chahar Angosht after making The Oxidant, Hamed Mohammadi has also used another Korean comedy film and a successful comedy couple in his previous film. Amir Jafari and Javad Ezzati are a couple who come together in the so-called general and good chemistry between the two actors. Mohammadi created another combination of the couple in the film char angosht and this time, instead of his father, Manouchehr Mohammadi, appearing in the role of producer, he considered Hamid a producer. 4 angosht is about a groom’s trip to Cambodia and then to Thailand, with his adviser on the trip.

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film chahar angosht

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Hamid Pandahar had produced Ms. Yaya before chahar angosht films, and since both films are narrated in Thailand, he seems to have a good relationship with the Thai! But apart from the fact that the audience is not welcomed by the film Yaya, the name suggests and the subject of the trip to Thailand makes the film frightened by some viewers not to face the film again and again like Miss Yahya?

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film chahar angosht

Chahar angosht for free

The answer is that the Four Fingers film has nothing to do with Ms. Yaya’s gesture, subject, or form, and goes exactly the way some of today’s comedy films go: a red-line joke and putting a person (preferably a Hajj religious ruler) on the side.

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Four Fingers movie for free

The 4 Angosht film has been released over twelve years (not surprisingly in some movie theaters), and it should be said that the film’s sexual jokes and cases do not reach Rahman II and are more family-friendly. We are facing. The cast of the two main actors is also good, but we have a poor performance overall.

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The weakness of the  4 finger movie goes back to the stereotypical script, and it goes without saying that although the film is a comedy, it may not end up with the same number of funny scenes. The only thing that can make a movie viewer tolerate is the good chemistry and strong play between the two main actors (and maybe the only actors in the film because the other characters are so minor and don’t really play a role)

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The truth is that the makers of Iranian films have realized that joking with Iranian men traveling to Thailand and Pattaya can be a pure subject, but the problem is that the red lines in our culture and cinema are so dense that we cannot make a film at all. A comedy tour of Thailand. Comedy films like this are available in Hollywood unconditional cinema and are, ironically, successful (for example, the Euro Trip movie), but we all know how close the subject of traveling to Thailand is to auditing, and naturally Iranian cinema cannot do that. The audits paid off.

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Film chahar angosht | چهار انگشت

The insistence of Iranian filmmakers to make such a subject is incomprehensible to me, and it may not be a bad thing to have kissed and dismissed this subject after films such as Miss Yaya and the chahar angosht . I’m not Salvador, Texas, expropriation, etc. There were also works that had a lot of fun to travel around with, and though none could do as well as they should, they did far better than the audience and the box office with works such as Miss Yaya and char angosht .

chchar angosht free | فیلم چهار انگشت

A religious man who also plans to run in the upcoming parliamentary elections falsely tells his family and friends he is about to travel to Mecca and then goes to Cambodia with his adviser to meet his temporary spouse. In Cambodia, she discovers that her Asian wife has taken him to Thailand and has a permanent contract with an American. He goes to Thailand with his advisor to find his wife and encounters numerous journeys, things that have not escaped self-censorship and eventually ended up in Thailand’s zoos and temples.

movie char angosht

danlode char angosht filming is extremely weak, and unfortunately the cameraman has not been able to capture the beautiful climate of Thailand in his camera frame (though perhaps the same problem with self-censorship has not been in vain) rather than good music. It is completely in tune with the rhythm and story of the film and can delight the audience. The music section is so strong and well-executed that one can hardly claim that the film’s title track alone is more appealing than the ninety-minute film itself!

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Role Film Actor Movie
Nader Javad Ezzati
Ahad Fatehi Amir Jafari
Zane Ahad Fatehi Mona Farjad

Download Chahar angosht for free

chahar angosht for free is a sharp comeback for Hamed Mohammadi and can never be as entertaining as a comedian movie Oxidan. Mohammadi is involved in Four fingers of red lines that close his hands and feet and does not know what to do in this battle, and therefore brings the most ridiculous and unpleasant jokes. In my opinion, he should be thankful for having Amir Jafari and Javad Ezzati in his film, because without the presence of these two, the char angoshti have virtually nothing to say.

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