Download film Ghasam فیلم قسم

Download film Ghasam فیلم قسم

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film ghasam
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Ghasam is one of the movie directed Mohsen Tonabandeh, a prolific film and television writer and actress who evokes, most of all, the capital’s high-profile TV series and the beloved character of Nagi, following Guinness’s (5) unsuccessful film, now Ghasam in four years later. He returned to filmmaking. Contrary to the comedic tone and wit and Sheng Guinness, it has a serious and somewhat melodramatic mood, and the tuner has tried to test its versatility and ability in a variety of styles.

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film ghasam

The passengers of a bus depart for Mashhad from Gorgan to perform the funeral. The abductors are members of the family of a murdered woman (Razwan) who is to go to court under the management of Razieh (played by Mahnaz Afshar), who is seeking the death of her sister. On their way, they are confronted with small and large conflicts until Razieh’s wife (Saeed Aga Khanhani) is found, and he changes the course of the story by opposing their departure for the ceremony.
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The blade of criticism is, above all, about the justice system and the way such cases are handled. In this film, we are in a position where many are willing to swear and gamble for someone’s life without being on stage and seeing something. Too much dragging a case, which has been around for five years, has made people involved in it even more jaded, and they allow themselves to resort to any trick to achieve their goal.
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On the other hand, the whole case is based on the testimony of a young woman whose contradictions cannot be ignored. How the path of a murder case that can end in retribution should change according to the unreliable witness’s opinion.

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Shouldn’t you take measures to prevent things like this? Until the life and energy of the court and the people involved in the case are in the hands of a weak person who has not unreasonably concealed the truth for five years.

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The script, alongside the main trunk of the story, presents very small storylines and finely tuned stories that are not remembered with a great deal of character and chaos, and that the proportion of characters gets lost in the mix. In this film, like many Iranian films, we have side-by-side manipulation of the story, if drama and fiction were not deliberately delayed by the director and writer.

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If the relatives of Razieh had already said that Khosrow was looking for a scene and a lie and had arranged for them to tell a lie too, wouldn’t Razieh have doubted beforehand? If the young girl had said from the beginning that she had seen Khosrow last night with Najmeh, the young Afghan woman who was witnessing the trial, would there really be no need to take the bus on the road? If it hadn’t been for the movie, could it have been made this way?

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(Danger of Leaving) The most complex character in the film is Khosrow. Khosravi, who has actually committed the murder, opposes his wife’s attempts to prove Bahman’s (Bahran Ahmadi) bashing and even threatens to break up with Razie on the bus. Should these disagreements seem to have lasted for five years, should we give in to his awakened conscience or fear?

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Because, after all, he is the only one who knows the reality of the story except for Najmeh and knows that avalanche is not a killer. Or is he afraid that, as the case goes on, facts may leak out and get caught? So why has he asked his wife not to pursue the case for five years?

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At the end of the work, Khosrow is rewarded for his actions and the life of Bahman and Razieh are wasted in the controversy of this case, except for the stress and pressure that they have undergone. But what remains in the middle is the fate of the skull that has been hiding the truth for far too long without a justified reason.

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When he found out that the Rezwan family wanted to go to Mashhad for the rite of passage, he said, because of his lies, he was afraid that the innocent avalanche would climb to the top of the gallows and that he had changed his mind.

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That is, during this period of five years, is it not possible for an avalanche to be punished without committing a crime? Now, if we ignore the reason for the killing of Khazrow to inform Rezwan of Khomeini’s harassment.

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Because the ruler of the law should not have pity on the abuser and bear false testimony in his favor so far. From this point of view it is not disambiguated and the story ends, and this can be accounted for by hiding information that would not have been a drama in its own time.

Role Film Actor Movie
Razieh Mahnaz Afshar
Khosrow Saeed Aghakhani
Khalil Hassan Pourshirazi
Bahman Mehran Ahmadi
Amo Qasim Hossein Maleki
Amo Razieh Giti Moeini

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Despite the good directing and the lively, natural scenes on the bus (which should not be overlooked by the capital’s thrilling serial impact), the film is not all that impressive. Neither the subject has much potential nor are we paying for it. It is as if Mohsen Tonabandy is failing in his second film. We have to see what style the tester chooses to test in his next experience.

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