Download film ghasre shirin فیلم قصر شیرین

Download film ghasre shirin فیلم قصر شیرین

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film ghasre shirin
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The movie ” Ghasre shirin “, directed by Rezamir Karimi and starring Hamed Behdad, has been released for several days. Here’s a look at this movie.
The film Ghasre shirin is Rezamir Karimi’s newest film, which was released during the 34th Fajr Film Festival. The film won the Best Crystal Simorgh Script and the Best Crystal Simorgh Soundtrack from the Fajr Film Festival.

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film ghasre shirin

It also won Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor at the Shanghai Film Festival. In many of his films, such as “Too Far, Too Close” and “A Sugar Bowl”, Mir-Karimi deals with the relationships between individuals in the same family.

Mirror was also the previous film about a father’s relationship with his daughter, and his new film explores the relationship between a father’s family and his children in the process.

film irani ghasre shirin

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This shows that Mir-Karimi is one of the directors who makes the film purposeful. His purpose in filmmaking is to portray the relationships of individuals in a family and the rooting of their life’s problems.

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Jalal has left his wife and children and moved to another city, but after a while returns to his hometown because his wife has a brain death. The film begins with a scene that glorifies and looks at mother and child from afar.

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This scene serves the story of the film because the glory of the woman has been abandoned for some time and this scene shows her away from her family.

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From the very beginning of the film, the director emphasizes on the children because the main theme of the film is the relationship of Jalal (played by Hamed Behdad) with his children. For example, a few minutes after Jalal entered his wife’s sister’s house, a few children brought in lots of pots for sale.

In this scene, the glory machine does not turn on and it is the children who help the glory drive the machine. This scene makes sense after the end of the movie. Because at the end of the film, it’s the children of glory that change his life.

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Jalal decides to leave them alone at home when he is forced to accompany his children, but in a scene that is one of the screenwriting flaws, a truck crashes into his car completely by accident and Jalal cannot leave his children alone.

Of course, one reason for this scene is that Jalal used to drive a heavy car in the past and was killed by his car, and this was the beginning of his separation from his family, and now a heavy car makes Jalal stay with his children. He mentioned that the truck’s green appearance on the track was a coincidence of glory, and before that scene there must have been a rational reason for the truck to appear in the audience.

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From the beginning Jalal has been traveling with his children on the air and it’s raining. These weather conditions show the glory of the relationship with her children and even her new wife. Jalal is upset about bringing the kids with him and doesn’t have much fun with the people in the car.

After a while, the air becomes balanced and the relationships in the car get better. It should also be noted that at the beginning of the film, the director sits behind Jalal’s kids and Jalal’s new wife sits in the front seat, which illustrates Jalal’s distance from his children. At the end of the film, with Jalal’s wife, Jalal’s son sits in the driver’s seat, showing Jalal approaching his children.

filme ghasre shirin | فیلم ایرانی قصر شیرین

Jalal is a character who escapes from his own children, his own family, and the filmmaker’s goal was to transform Jalal throughout the film. The first thing that happens in the film that draws the attention of Jalal to his past life is the story of Mr. Davoodi. Mr. Davoodi has a greenhouse set up with the help of Shirin (ex-wife of Jalal) and a lot of sweetness has come to Mr. Davoodi’s greenhouse.

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The same thing annoys Jalal and causes Jalal to visit Mr. Davoudi’s greenhouse. In this episode, one of the good points of the script comes in; Glory suspects Mr. Davoodi and bites under his tongue that he is slowly getting closer to Shirin. At this point in the story, he realizes that his wife has not betrayed him, which makes him a little more enthusiastic about his old family.

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One part that can be deduced from the glory of the family has changed its approach. It is the story of a police officer who takes bribes from Jalal and when Jalal goes to his superiors, the police ask Jalal not to say this for the sake of his family. Jalal does not tell her superiors but just before Jalal leaves her new wife alone. The first scene illustrates the importance of family for glory and the second scene of family insignificance for glory. The question is, why should there be a scene that contradicts that in a film that aims to show the importance of family?

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One of the good points of the script is that it has created a character without his physical presence in the film Ghasre shirin full movie, the ex-wife of Glory is not featured in the film, but this character in the film is very important to the audience and initiates the transformation of Glory. We never see Shirin , and we hear only about him from other characters.

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This teaches us one of the ways of scriptwriting in the creation of a character, the creation of a character in the way other characters talk about him. In some cases, this method is even more successful in creating a character than when the audience sees it. Because when the audience doesn’t see a character and only hear about him, he becomes more curious.

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Jalal has been with his new wife since the beginning of his road trip. Although she finds verbal clashes with her new spouse during the trip, it is not enough to glorify her after a while and tell her to go. Here’s the question that did Jalal’s new wife character really need to be in the movie? The author puts this character in the story to show that Jalal is tired of his old life and family and is looking for a new life.

ghasre shirin

That is why Jalal’s new wife is a character in the film. Now the question arises: what is the main purpose of the film and the story? The main purpose of the film is to show that the family is important and should be supportive and supportive. Now, given the purpose of the film, is it reasonable to leave the glory of his new wife in the middle of the road? However, this woman is also considered a family of glory.

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In his new film, Mirkimi tries to make a difference in the relationships of the characters as well as changing the environment around the characters during a road trip. But the audience expects this road trip to end, but suddenly the film ends without the car being revealed.

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The ending of “Ghasre shirin full movie” is one of its weakest points. Just as the beginning of the film should be such as to make the audience eager to see and follow the film, the end of the film must convey the result that the filmmaker intended to convey.

film jadid ghasreshirin

Mirrorimi’s film has a good but bad ending, and when the audience waits for the next scene, the film ends abruptly and the filmmaker expects the audience to conclude that the relationship of glory with his children has undergone a radical transformation, but by no means is it a happy ending. There is no water. The ending is more like a sudden cut in the film that discourages the audience.

Role Film Actor Movie
Jalal Hamed Behdad
Najmeh Jila Shahi
Nasrin Azadeh Nubahari
Sara Niusha Alipour
Ali Yuna Tadayyon

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Undoubtedly the best part of the film is the excellent cast of Ali and Sara (the children of glory). The emotional burden of the film is borne by these two actors, and the two have been able to bring the audience together in the best way possible.

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It should be noted, of course, that Mir-Karimi is also very good at playing his cast, and he has played a very important role as a director in this film. Hamed Behdad’s game is also different from his previous games. Behdad is a little out of his nervous state in the film, and that is a positive thing in Behdad’s career. The soundtrack is also very enjoyable and has helped to make the film a reality.

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