download film Jene ziba – دانلود فیلم جن زیبا

download film Jene ziba –  دانلود فیلم جن زیبا

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film Jene ziba

Jene ziba the second film made by “Bayram Fazli”, an Iranian cinematographer, after the movie “Do you still have apples?” Is. Fazli graduated with a bachelor’s degree in cinema from the Faculty of Cinema and Theater, University of the Arts. He is also an official member of the Iranian Cinematographers ‘Association and the Iranian Filmmakers’ Association, and is mostly the director of cinematography in Iranian cinema.

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download film Jene ziba

خرید فیلم جن زیبا

Role Actor
Yad-o-llah Farhad Aslani
Hamsare Marhom Yad-o-llah Leila Zare
Delaram Nurgül Yeşilçay
Moharam Zeynalzadeh

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Jene ziba Fazli has collaborated as a cameraman and cameraman in more than 120 short and feature films, documentaries and fiction.

Jene ziba was announced two years ago and has gone through a lot of margins. The most important of these margins is the actor in the main role of the film “Noorgol Yeshilchai”, which is mostly known to Iranian audiences with Turkish serials on satellite channels.

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Jene ziba online Nurgol Yeşilçay was born in 1996 in Turkey. He graduated from university in the field of theater in 1992 and has been working in the theater for the same 5 years.

jene ziba online The actor successfully completed his first series, “Ikinji Bahar”, and later starred in series such as “Love and Punishment” and the sequel to “Hareem Sultan”, as well as several movies, and was able to record a successful career for his acting.

danlode Jene ziba

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Jene ziba download The beautiful elf, who was expected to become one of the best-selling films in Iranian cinema due to the main actor and the compromise margin, has disrupted all existing predictions and has not been given the attention of the Iranian audience as it should be.

Jene ziba free movie

Jene ziba full movie The beautiful elf, like many Iranian films, has been hit hard by the screenplay. The story is about a man named Yadollah who, according to his own words, is crazy and has been hospitalized for some time. He, who has apparently recovered, is in the same sanatorium.

Jene ziba free movie

Download Jene ziba free

Jene ziba online On the other side is a beautiful woman named Delaram, who is one of the patients at the hospital.

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download film jen ziba The woman is suffering from immediate insanity because she has been raped and killed. Delaram then leaves the hospital, removes one of the patients, follows Yadollah and arrives at his home.

danlod film jen ziba A house that doesn’t seem to fit properly, and anyone can throw their heads in and out.

Download Jene ziba for free

In Jene ziba,This is what Delaram did and entered Yadollah’s house. Seeing his shadows, Yadollah thinks that he has seen the nightmare of his late wife again and constantly tries to keep this spirit or jinn away from him, and in this way he also appeals to the Qur’an.

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download jen ziba Eventually, Delaram leaves Yadollah’s house, and Yadollah’s daughter accidentally sees him, buys him bread, and lends him money. Delaram goes back to Yadollah’s house and communicates with him this time, so much so that Yadollah wants to marry him.

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The news of Delaram’s escape causes Yadollah to unconsciously reveal his whereabouts, but Delaram fled before that. Delaram, referring to Ima and referring to Yadollah, says that his daughter is in the same sanatorium where she is hospitalized.

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Yadollah took the woman to the ward at midnight and she hugged her daughter. Delaram then returned to his home in the city.

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Jene ziba free download

jen ziba full movie free Yadollah, who has fallen in love with her, takes Delaram’s daughter to her house in the city to bring her back, and it turns out that she has no daughter at all and is delusional.

film Jenne ziba

The screenplay of The Jene ziba is full of small and large holes. The main question that needs to be answered is about Yadollah’s past. Who is he?

Download film Jene ziba for free

Why was he hospitalized? When did his wife die when he told the sanatorium manager that he could not come to work yesterday because of his wife’s death?

danlod film jene ziba Why does he take pills ?! Pills that keep asking him if he has eaten them.

movie Jenne ziba

How dangerous is his illness that he walks so easily among the sick and easily removes Delaram’s hypothetical daughter from the complex ?!

Jene ziba full movie online

Another question is about Delaram. Why is he dumb? Why does he think he has a daughter? What is the past that has reached here? What is the reason for following Yadollah?

pakhsh online Jene ziba

On the other hand, it is a work of fiction that is left untouched. The film takes place in Isfahan today, maybe in its old neighborhoods, but it is of today’s genre, but it does not have the logic of today.

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play onlie Jene ziba online | جن زیبا

A logic that does not allow the door to remain open, and like a hundred years ago, everyone wanted to put their head in and enter.

jen ziba movie A logic that does not allow a person with a psychological background to easily take a little girl out of a complex.

film Jen ziba

Logically, a dangerous patient with momentary insanity can easily put on a chador and leave the hospital.

movie Jene ziba

Jene ziba youtube Bayram Fazli’s screenplay has many holes that could have been turned into a powerful drama if it had been worked on more carefully.

download jen ziba A drama that takes at least one step towards these patients and a positive step towards getting to know them. But in this screenplay, everything is secretive and does not allow the audience to be believed.

Jene ziba

Jene ziba full movie free Even in the scene of the fight, we see that Farooq is silent and the giant just shouts and there is not much violence between the two. This makes the ending of the film, which Farooq sympathizes with so much, acceptable.

movie Jen ziba

But it doesn’t make sense for Farooq to go to great lengths with anger, and suddenly his anger turns to sympathy.

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jene ziba full movie The slow snow at the end of the film is reminiscent of the white cover of the shroud, paving the way for Rona to die.

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Using a famous and of course beautiful Turkish face could be one of the reasons for selling this film. But the question is, what is the use of the nationality of this Turkish figure ?!

tdgl [k cdfh

film irani jene ziba Is it other than guaranteeing sales or does it have other logic?

Movie Irani The Beautiful Jinni

What would have happened if Nourgol Yeshilchai had been played by a handsome Iranian actor? It must make sense for an actor of a different nationality and in a different language to appear in an Iranian film.

free watch Jene ziba movie

Fazli did not even try to talk to the actor and made him dumb in the easiest way.

film jeene ziba A beautiful Turkish actress has been introduced to an Iranian film, her Turkish beauty, which is reflected in the series, has been filmed under duress, the Turkish language and the voice of the actor, which can be effective in attracting the audience, have been removed from the work and nationality and race.

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danlode filme Jene ziba

The actor has changed to Iranian, now the question is why the audience should come to the cinema and see all the elements of charm that have been removed from the film.

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