download film metri shisho nim فیلم متری شیش و نیم

download film metri shisho nim فیلم متری شیش و نیم

danlod film metri shish va nim (6.5)

film metri shisho nim
film metri shish o nim

Saeed Rousti’s second film metri shisho nim , starring Peyman Maadi and Navid Mohammadzadeh, is being released these days. Here’s a look at this movie. After the success of the Eternal Day film, both at the Fajr Film Festival and at box office sales, Saeed Roustai’s reputation as the first film director to make a film that could reach the public in a genre other than comedy came to light. . At a time when comedies were the first word on the box office.
film 6.5 Backed by the success of the film Forever and One Day, these days it is every curious audience to watch his new work. But then we might ask why his films have been so popular?

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film metri shisho nim

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In metri shisho nim movie , we try to look at both rural films, examine the factors that led to his success in attracting audiences, and also focus on the script of two works, to get a good understanding of the arrangements that villagers have for advancing the story, both successful and successful. How unsuccessful, let’s get to work.

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6.5 Per Meter Audiences who have not seen the film are advised to watch it because despite its flaws, it is a startling film that engages you for almost two-thirds of its time, but unfortunately in the final third, It goes well with the slogan and the admonition that it can perfectly target the audience.
Overall, the metri shesho nim can also be better appreciated for eternity and one day, as well as an ascending route to the countryside. To continue, it’s best to watch both rural movies.

metri shisho nim

Nasser Khakzad has been a follower of Mohsen Forever in metri shish o nim, and one day he has gone so far as to avenge all the shortcomings of his life in producing and selling glass that has reached the top of the pyramid. Rural is one of his approaches to depicting the lives of families and people who are less likely to have a closer look at their lives. This in itself is shocking and fresh for the audience, and perhaps not a shame in saying that this is one of the attractions of his films.

danlod metri shisho nim

It had depicted a retailer for eternity and a day, now taking half a mile and a half of the trail and narrowing the ring to reflect the life of a wholesaler. Now a villager in the film has also brought the police into the film as a body to control the dynasty. A policeman led by Samad (played by Maadi) has a framework and commitment as well as a violent personality.

film 6.5 Per Meter

The villagers have made a lot of efforts to make the police personality gray, and to say the least, they have succeeded. But one of the disadvantages that may be overlooked is that, except in his police work, more details of his relationship with his family, though not repeatedly mentioned during the film, do not indicate that he could have helped to further this character’s dimensions.

6.5 toman per meter movie | فیلم متری شیش و نیم

In fact, if we take a look at the characters in the two rural films, he has always tried to create gray characters, but in this film he has been relatively successful for ever and a day. In the film Forever and One Day, Morteza, as the big brother of the family, has often negative personality traits, and even if she tries not to get caught, for example, in a dialogue that she herself says is more about not hurting herself. Also at the end of the film, all his actions stem from inhuman intentions.

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danlode film metri shesho nim

He leaves his sister, Somayeh, not for the sake of arranging, but for money, and also secretly sends his brother Mohsen to Camp Leo to prevent any decisions he makes. These factors together lead us to see him as black rather than gray. On the other hand, Somayya’s personality is very uncertain in her stances. It is not clear exactly what he wants from life and what position he will take to get married. This uncertainty of Somayeh is evident in the final scene of the metri shesh va nim.

metri shesho nim full movie

As he makes his choice and joins the Afghan family, he dramatically and accidentally sees his younger brother, Navid, on the street and gives up his decision. Such a shift in position leads us to not be confronted with a mature personality and willpower. Perhaps the most interesting and gray character in that movie is Mohsen’s mother (played sweetly by Yazdanbakhsh), which differs from the stereotypical, kind and innocent mothers we’ve seen in many films before like metri shish va nim
He hides some glass for Mohsen so that he won’t lose money! Mohsen’s character, despite his addiction, shows that he is very sensitive to his family and, in contrast to his brother Morteza, becomes more lovable to the audience but lacks much personality.

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danlode film metri 6.5 | متری شیش و نیم

In the film, half and half meters, as mentioned, a villager has tried to design two of his main characters gray as well as clever, and has almost succeeded in paying the police. As the police show us, it’s not the same as the cops we’ve seen in Iranian cinema from the beginning. In fact, his attempt to create gray characters is another factor in his film’s success.

6.5 Per Meter But it has to be said that there are some drawbacks to Nasser Khakzad’s character. Although the filmmaker identifies Nasser as a heavy criminal in the glass business, he ultimately tries to make Nasser look gray by showing his motivations.

دانلود فیلم متری شیش و نیم به صورت رایگان

The problem here is that he does it too late, and his words get so slogans that we can’t really figure it out. Second, his guilt is so heavy that it is practically weird to expect to associate with Morteza (as if in an eternal film(metri shish o nim) and one day we would associate Morteza with her actions).
film 6.5 When it comes to the many victims throughout the film, each of which is related to the Nasser trade in particular, we are in fact familiar with this character and have no doubt that he is guilty. But the villager is trying, in the heart of the Nasserian dialogues, to express, quite frankly, the poignant class divide that has become a complex that at any moment can create another Nasser land.

Role Film Actor Movie
Samad Payman Maadi
Naser Navid Mohammadzadeh
elham Parinaz Izadyar
ghazi Farhad Aslani
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movie metri shish o nim

The problem is that we do not expect a film(metri shish onim) that starts so well and in the process of its storytelling, while also engaging us in the story, also tells us its meaning in the lower layers, so that the final thirty minutes will be so explicit. For example, let’s review the beginning of the movie together.

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