download film paradise فیلم پارادایس

download film paradise فیلم پارادایس

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film paradise
film irarni paradise

Paradise had long been banned and its release was unclear until after the announcement of the status of the films seized by the Cinema and the possibility of their release and release, it was time for Paradise to come to the cinema. A film intended to take its place in cinemas using successful formulas such as Lizard, but the film is not even able to tell its story without stuttering.

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film Paradise

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The Paradise script is so chaotic that even the basics of storytelling have not been met. A talented storyteller who meets a German woman on a social network and also invites her to come to Germany is one of the most bizarre ideas that could have formed in an author’s mind.

This idea might have been the prelude to making a mere comic book with minimal narrative logic.

paradise movie irani | فیلم ایرانی پارادایس

Like works that never take themselves seriously and come to the cinema with every supportive circumstance just to put the audience on a smile. But the problem is that Paradise takes itself seriously!

danlode film paradays

In making the film, Ali Atshani deals with the subject of clergy and the contradictions that the film’s characters in Iran and Germany face.

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Clerics who, in spite of the hardening inside Iran, show another aspect of religion in Germany, and all that the filmmakers have been trying to achieve is to ask all sorts of questions and hear the answers that Certainly it has been expressed in the light of all these contradictions.

The creators intended to trick the audience into thinking, but the problem is that the whole story is abandoned!

paradise full movie

In Paradise, there is no coherent cinematic film at all, and we see only a set of comic and sometimes non-comic situations that do not have a definite connection and merely consist of scattered ideas that, contrary to the filmmaker’s gesture, It does not challenge the viewer at all and does not add to his reservations as the viewer is a few steps ahead of the creators, and the contradictions expressed in the film in a humorous language are a simple, tightly controlled, limited version that ultimately Finally, it doesn’t.

danlode film paradays | پارادایس

The cast also failed to save the film from falling.The presence of Mehran Rajabi as a cleric seems to be the best possible choice for the role, and the records of Mehran Rajabi can also prove this. But he never becomes a character, and remains a duplicitous type.

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danlod paradise

Javad Ezzati and the other actors are no better than Mehran Rajabi and they are all based on one-dimensional characters whose descriptions do not change from the beginning to the end!

دانلود فیلم پارادایس به صورت رایگان

“Paradise” is a weak and superficial work that is intended to reflect on the thinking of the community, but knows better than the viewer that it must eventually direct the script’s direction in a way that can see the color of the screen.

Role Film Actor Movie
Gholam Ali Ferasaty Mehran Rajabi
pezhman Javad Ezzati
saman saman saffari
Mohsen Jahangsha Mohammad Ali Najafian
Alicia Olivia Burkart

movie paradise

So the Paradise content set is nothing but a jarring and, of course, highly controlled subject with a cautious approach to it. At best, Atshani’s new film would have had to be aired on the home screen with a video presentation, but nevertheless it was screened in a wide-angle cinema without any fit.

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