download film zhene khook فیلم ژن خوک

download film zhene khook فیلم ژن خوک

danlode film zhen khook (The Pig’s Gene)

film zhene khook
film zhen khook
film zhene khook that beginning of his film making, Saeed Soheili, by making a work such as Naked Night, showed that he knows the pulse of the spectator and can make a popular, marketable film. But after making several works, he again made a comedy film to capture the box office. Soheil was able to make his name in languages ​​with the help of guided tours of Guidance, making his film the best-selling film in the history of cinema for some time. He is now back with zhen khok , a film that tries to both nail and nail and Saeed Soheilie into a balancing act of filmmaking.
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film zhene khook

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Sometimes laughing, sometimes crying for zhene khouk film is an exact analogy of the work that Soheil has tried to use in both the power of drama and comedy cinema. In keeping with that balance, he has even gone so far as to say a funny word in a song with sad melody and censorship even in the soundtrack that Mohsen Chavoshi sings.

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But how far has the director been able to come to terms with it, and have all the funny and sad moments in the movie come together at one point, or has the bilingualism of the film been damaged?

zhene khok movie for free | فیلم ژن خوک

The Pig’s Gene film tells the story of two inmates named Imad Cat (played by Sina Mehrad or Sina Soheili, son of Saeed Soheili and Saad Soheili’s brother) and Reza Kishmish (played by Hadi Hejazi Far) for some reason. Each of them has their own reasons for escaping prison, but as the film progresses, the viewer realizes that the two are returning to Aghazadeh.

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In The Pig’s Gene Reza Kishmish is going to do a mission for Aghazadeh (the good gene of the story) and Imad the cat plays a key role in this mission that he is not aware of; Imad just wants to go to fish (his nominee plays Nazanin Bayati) and They flee Tehran.

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film zhen khok Saeed Soheili has starred in the lead roles of Gene Pig Sina and Saba, his son and son, who have been able to make the two of them. Both of these actors were able to pull their helmets out of the water, but they didn’t appear brilliant, and practically they had a long way to go to star and star.

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Sina Mehrad (who, for some reason, called her artistic surname Mehrad) had previously appeared in the father series and starred in Gene Pig, although she still couldn’t handle a movie all the time. In fact, Hadi Hejazifar’s presence alongside Mehrad has prevented him from playing, and the couple have been able to create good chemistry with each other.

zhene khook movie

But Hadi Hejarifar is not as bright as ever, and Hejazifar is different from movies such as The Lottery and the adventures of Earth to Heaven. He’s a mediocre game, and when we see that Nazanin Bayati can’t fit into a strong movie, we can find the main problem in the characterization of these characters, a major problem that struck the whole movie and part of the script’s weakness. Forms.

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The subject of the zhene khook is a hot new topic, and people’s disgust with the good genes that flutter around the internet and make people laugh at it has made a film. So much of this popular hatred for good but exploitative genes goes so far as to introduce the solution as taming it and leaving no other solution for the viewer.

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In the meantime, he cannot cultivate the good genes of his film and make it a memorable negative character, nor can he (or perhaps it is better to say anti-heroes) leave a memorable personality of his own. It was superficial and easy-going soap opera characterization, just like an eight-screen script that might seem superficial in appearance and look, but if you look at it a bit, it’s full of holes and problems that make no sense.

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danlod zhene khook movie is a combination of action-drama and comedy cinema, and has been able to transform it into a pot of good measure and size. The film can actually appear breathtaking at times and even make the audience laugh or cry in some scenes, but in all these moments, the silly sense of being overwhelmed by the story is overwhelming, and the audience cannot be too easily seduced.

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zhen khok Take it seriously. The slogans that are also present in the film’s dialogues once again show the director’s interest in comic-book dialogue, and sometimes the slogans in the film take on sharp color and smell, and do not appeal to the audience.

Role Film Actor Movie
reza kishmish hadi hejazi far
emad gorbe sina Mehraad
reza’s sister maede elnaz Habibi
namzade emad nazanin bayati
rouzbeh behrang alavi
pedare emad jamshid hashempour

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zhene khook movie is better than some of the current releases, and Saeed Soheili’s record is a minor improvement, but there are still better choices among the Nowruz releases. Of course, if you insist on watching a comedy-themed movie, you can count on zhene khouk to laugh and cry along with the shameless adventures of the film’s two main characters, and enjoy the movie if you lessen its rigor.

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