Download Paytakht 6 part 1

Download Paytakht 6 part 1

danlode paytakhte 6 ghesmate 1

Paytakht 6 part 1

Having a “serial Paytakht 6 part 1” series in the new season of Behtaash Fariba, starring Bahram Afshari, you can obtain the Ghaemshahr Textile License from the Axis of this Sirus series as a liar. Mohsen Tonabandeh in Chapter Six with a new Hibbeth can be limited to your usual habit and you can.

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لینک های دانلود و تماشای آنلاین برای کاربران ایرانی نیم بها می باشد

paytakht 6 part 2

Titled “The Paytakht 6 part 1”, the new series “The Paytakht 6 part 1” features Rahmet’s global score starring Hooman Haji Abdulahi, which definitely highlights the island’s fascinating moments of the season.

danlode paytakht part 1 season 6 (e1s6) | سریال پایتخت فصل ششم 6 قسمت اول 1

After five seasons and many re-runs, the Paytakht 6 part 1 TV series no longer needs to be introduced, and it is certainly one of the most popular television series in the 90s that has attracted the attention of various segments of society.

download new paytakht part 1 | ستایش 6 قسمت 1

The first season of the series “Paytakht 6 part 1” aired on Network One in 2011 and aired in 15 episodes. In addition to getting acquainted with the ordinary Naqi family, this chapter also explores this family’s adventures in the Iranian Paytakht 6 part 1, Tehran.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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Paytakht 6 part 1

serial irani paytakht 6

“Paytakht 6 part 1 1” won the second prize in the second season of the Jammu Festival, the best male actor statue for Mohsen Tunaband and the jury special award. The second chapter of “The Paytakht 6 part 1” was made and shown in 2012.

paytakht season 6 part 1 | پایتخت فصل ششم قسمت اول

This season’s story is about the family’s voyage to Qeshm Island and the transfer of the dome to the city. The dome and pallet used in this season were donated to a mosque in Fars province after filming.

paytakht season 6

The third season of “The Paytakht 6 part 1” aired in 13 episodes in Nowruz 1393, the Paytakht 6 part 1 of which was considered a Nowruz series, this time with its fourth season in Ramadan in 2015 in 22 episodes.

Paytakht 6 part 1

payetakht part 1 season 6 | سریال پایتخت 6 قسمت اول

This season, Haqqani’s regular wife, Homa Saadat, is casting a ballot in the city council elections, which brings new adventures to the family, and Paytakht 6 part 1 4 has received many awards. The series was selected as the best series in the fourth edition of the Jamjam Festival as well as in a three-star program poll.

paytakht episode 1 season 6 | فصل 6 سریال پایتخت قسمت 1

It also received awards for Best Actress and Best Actress in the 16th Celebration of the Picture World. The fifth season of the “Paytakht 6 part 1” series on Nowruz 1397 aired on television. “Paytakht 6 part 1 5” was the first series to air simultaneously on two networks, One and Watch.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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danlode paytakht ghesmate 1 fasle 6 | دانلود سریال پایتخت ۶ قسمت ۱

This time the ordinary Naqi family plan to travel to Turkey, and the Paytakht 6 part 1, 5, advises them on the journey. It is also noteworthy that Bahram Afshari was also added to the cast of the Paytakht 6 part 1 5 series this season, which was welcomed by viewers.

paytakht 6 part 1

The title was selected as the best serial in the fifth edition of the Jamjam Festival and the Norouz Festival of IRIB. In addition to celebrating the 18th anniversary of the image world, the Paytakht 6 part 1 received five awards for Best Serial, Best Screenplay and Best Actor.

Download paytakht 6 part 1 | سریال پایتخت قسمت اول بخش شش

The sixth season of “The Paytakht 6 part 1” airs on the antenna of Nowruz 99, and many television audiences are watching the new season after a long absence. One of the interesting points is the removal of the character of Baba Panjali, which is, of course, present in a few sequences of the series, and the improvement is back to the sixth season of “Paytakht 6 part 1” by Mehran Ahmadi.

paytakht 6 e1

According to Cyrus Moghadam, recovery in the new chapter of “Paytakht 6 part 1” comes alive from the Horn of Africa, but the key character of Season 6 is Behbash Fariba played by Bahram Afshari, who, using his physics, authored the idea of ​​a goalkeeper for the Mazandaran Textile Club. Considered and given the earlier episodes and jokes with the athletes, the new season of “The Paytakht 6 part 1” is also expected to be attractive to spectators.

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serial paytakht 6 part 1

Bahram Afshari this season from the “Paytakht 6 part 1” with Peter Czech hat inside the textile gate of Mazandaran. According to Moghaddam, parts of the “Paytakht 6 part 1 6” series were to be shot in Italy, which seems to have changed due to problems in Italy and Iran over the spread of the Corona virus.

danlode paytakht season 6 part 1

One of the interesting news during the shooting days of “Paytakht 6 part 1 6” is the shooting of the Persepolis and Mazandaran Textile teams. On Friday, January 9, agents at the Azadi Stadium, while attending Ghaemshahr Textile and Persepolis Tehran, captured parts of the series, with Bahram Afshari as the goalkeeper for the Ghaemshahr Textile Team. Another interesting thing about this series is the role of Hooman Haji Abdulahi, who looks very different in appearance from the series in front of the camera this season.

download paytakht 6 serial

The cast of “Paytakht 6 part 1 6” has not changed much from the previous episode and Mohsen Tanabandeh, Rima Raminfar, Ahmad Mehranfar, Mehran Ahmadi, Hooman Haji Abdollahi, Bahram Afshari, Nasrin Nosrati, Sara and Nika Ferghani, Atiyeh Javid, Salman Khatibi, Abolfaz Khati Gholamali Rezai is the main cast of this series.

paytakht 6 episode 1

One of the interesting things about Chapter 6 of “The Paytakht 6 part 1” is the presence of Omid Abbasi as a writer alongside Mohsen Tonabandeh. Abbasi, formerly known as the director and writer of the theater, seems to have come up with interesting ideas in writing the script for “Paytakht 6 part 1 6” with Mohsen Tonabandeh, who Tunabandir preferred to co-author after Khashayar Alvand.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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tizer serial paytakht fasle 6 ghesmat 1 | ستایش فصل 6 قسمت 1


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