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Persian Got Talent , the first episode of the persian Got Talent part 1 Prize Competition, airs on mbcpersia (MBC Persia) on Friday, February 9. Imaging of this talent contest has begun. A Saudi family member mbc persia (MBCPersia) has issued a call for Iranian people to participate in a talent contest. Ibrahim Hamedi, Hengameh Mofidi, Mahnaz Afshar and Arash Labaf are the referees of the program.

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Mahnaz Afshar has been the most marginal actor in Iranian cinema in recent years. This threshold has increased due to his activities on social media. These days, as rumors circulate about Afshar’s presence on a satellite network, he has released critical tweets about the country’s situation.

download persian got talent mbc 2019

The young newspaper affiliated with the IRGC also criticized Mahnaz Afshar’s tweets. Afshar wrote, “While Iran needs calm, it has started posting political posts on Twitter and Instagram.”

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The newspaper further noted that Mahnaz Afshar was out of Iran: “Mahnaz Afshar had recently congratulated Ahmad Batebi, a pro-Iran activist, in the United States, which could be a sign of his connection. And known elements of the counter-revolution. “

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persian got talent 2019 stockholm

“The activation of Golshifteh Farahani and Mahnaz Afshar in support of the rented agitators shows that the release of the two outsiders to operate in Western countries is conditioned by the policies of Western governments and anti-patriotic agents in these countries,” Young said.

 download persian got talent stockholm

Afshar while commenting on recent events in the country, said in a tweet this September that “I decided not to be a pain in the community and to be human and just go to myself and my life like so many to keep up with the secondary knowledge of God.”

download persian got talent 2019 part 1

This secondary information ended very soon, and he resumed work on social media. He has even commented on the arrest of Ruhollah Zam. Meanwhile, rumors have been circulating that he is banned from acting in Iranian cinema. Not long ago, during the screening of Mohsen Tonabandeh’s oath, there was a lot to be said about Mahnaz Afshar. He was banned from painting!


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