download serial aghazadeh دانلود سریال آقازاده

download serial aghazadeh دانلود سریال آقازاده

danlode serial aghazadeh

download serial aghazadeh

aghazadeh serial is the title of a new series that will soon be distributed on the home theater network. But the production of this series has been accompanied by different margins. Aghazadeh series is a new work by Hamed Angha as a designer and writer. Previously, the series “ghalbe yakhi” was written and distributed by him on the home theater network.

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Hamed Angha says about the Aghazadeh series: “We do not make Aghazadeh just for the entertainment of the people, so that it is only in their entertainment and leisure basket.” We are not even making a series that allows you to sleep easily after watching it,

aghazadeh Cast :

cast Role
Amin Tarokh Haj Reza Tehrani
Amir Aghayei Behrang Tofighi
Niki Karim Tina
Amin Hayaei Behroz Bahrami
Kambiz Dirbaz Shahnam
Mehdi Soltani Amir Bahri
Diba Zahedi Sara Fazli

download agha zadeh tv serial

but we are making Aghazadeh to make many people sleepless and make our audience think about different aspects of social issues. But what is the story of Aghazadeh series?

Serial Aghazadeh

aghazadeh tv serial

Hamed Angha says in this regard: The subject of the series is related to documented and credible reports from behind the scenes of recent economic and political events in the country, which are openly portrayed in the form of a socio-political series. The main character of the story is named Hamed and his job is to be a midwife.

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danlode aghazadeh serial

He further called Aghazadeh series to recognize the problems of the people towards the officials and promised that with the broadcast of this series, sleep will be taken away from the eyes of the managers. Angha claims that the series was not made for entertainment and leisure and intends to open the audience’s view to various social issues.

aghazadeh tv serial | سریال جدید آقازاده

He also considers the Aghazadeh series as the silent voice of the people regarding the corruption of the officials and, referring to the words of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, called the production of this series a fight against corruption and discrimination

download aghazadeh

With a critical approach, he wants to be a loud cry of protest from the people, which is not mentioned much in the society, and he has boldly addressed the agents of the series to tell such a story.

aghazadeh serial

Hamed Angha continued to read the series as painful for people, adding that various stone-throwing had been done to prevent the series from being made, and said that he would refer to it at an appropriate time after the series airs.

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10 Danload serial aghazadeh part 11

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