Download Serial Aghazadeh Part 1 سریال آقازاده قسمت اول

Download Serial aghazadeh Part 1 سریال آقازاده قسمت اول

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Serial Aghazadeh Part 1

aghazadeh part 1 serial ,is an economic chess game between the two poles. The film tries to bring the usual elements of mafia and economic films into the current atmosphere of Iran. Films like Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” are clearly mentioned throughout the film, and Nima Bahri’s outlook on life is a bit like that of Gordon Geckoy (played by Michael Douglas).

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Serial Aghazadeh Part 1

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in aghazadeh part 1 Someone who only cares about winning is much less concerned about the consequences of winning. The structure of Marine subordinates is a bit reminiscent of Mafia movies, which are always a clever lawyer and a powerful man subordinate to the mafia boss.

serial aghazadeh part 1 for free

Currently, the important difference between aghazadeh part 1 and other series of home shows in which these powerful people are mentioned is that here we are faced with a more realistic and Iranian image of the structure of economic power than the examples we have seen before on the home network.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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aghazadeh part 1,This is not about Croatian men and women with strange clothes and makeup in power; Incidentally, here we see the children of pilgrims who wear three-inch collars and make arrangements with the minister and a lawyer to carry out their work.

seryal aghazadeh part 1

This is not the only trump card of aghazadeh part 1. The creators of the series tried to add a family melodrama atmosphere to the story. As a result, Angha has already shown in her TV series that she knows the melodramatic audience of Iranian audiences and can take the audience with her by using it properly.

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in aghazadeh part 1, there are elements, especially in the romantic relationships of the characters, which he had previously answered in a series like “pedar”. Perhaps the most important is the idea of ​​turning a non-religious girl into a believing and unobtrusive girl,

aghazadehe  1 | دانلود آقازاده یک

which is a very old model in various stories, including in Iranian cinema, but still has its own strength and seems to be an important part of aghazadeh part 1 story space. Will allocate itself.

serial aghazadeh s1e1

aghazadeh part 1,The wealth of the negative character, Nima Bahri, has also created an opportunity for the series to visually spend part of its story constantly in luxury spaces and expensive cars.

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serial aghazadeh ghesmat 1

In this aghazadeh part 1,Another point that in recent years in the home theater network has passed its own test and shown that it can be effective in attracting the audience.

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aghazadeh part 1 series, Angha’s most risky choice may be that she decided to tell her story non-linearly; In this way, the series is constantly moving through motion graphic passages over time. Events usually happen first,

aghazadeh – Part 1 (Serial Irani)

and then these flashbacks are used to give the viewer the information they need to understand the significance of the event. This approach can be very good in itself and constantly surprise the viewer,

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In this aghazadeh part 1, but at the same time it should be used economically; Because overuse and inappropriate use can confuse the viewer.

دانلود رایگان سریال اقازاده قسمت 1

in aghazadeh part 1 series, At the end of the first part, the series aghazadeh part 1 promises an attractive and appropriate series of this period and time; In the absence of cumbersome RFE / RL rules, it remains to be seen how exciting and revealing the series can be,

svdhg hrhchni rslj 1

where its arrowhead is aimed at paying for organized corruption, and whether it can properly adhere to the principles of the genre while remaining Iranian and a Western imitator. Do not convert?

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aghazadeh ۱

Goes back to the present; The wedding sermon of Hamed and Razia is read and they officially become a couple. Hamed’s parents realize that Hamed is thinking and something has happened but they do not say anything.

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The next day, Hamed and his father go to the mosque so that his father can talk to him when Hamed’s phone rings and he is informed that Nima’s father doctor has released him on bail,

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In this aghazadeh part 1, Hamed gets angry and goes there. When he gets there, he is surprised and says, “How did you release him with the heavy case that Nima has?”

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